15 of the Sexiest Cities in the World

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There are many travel destinations in the world. Each one has their own vibe, specialty, and purpose. Some destinations cater more to kids, while others are solely for adults. Some destinations give senior citizens more attention. While there are travel destinations for everyone some are just more visually appealing. From the landscape to the people these places are just sexy and that is enough to attract couples that want to spice up their relationship or singles looking to have a good time. The photos you take from these vacations may not be safe for work. These are the sexiest cities in the world.


Sao Paulo, Brazil



The country of Brazil in it self is full of beautiful people. It seems that Sao Paulo has the highest concentration of attractive people, especially the women. Head over to the beach and you will see why plastic surgeons use the term Brazilian butt lift. Wearing a bathing suit is almost mandatory in this city. Sao Paulo is full of different cultures and nationalities. Everyone in the city loves to dance which can serve as an aphrodisiac.