Many people view going nude as being tasteless or rude. Other people who believe that it is the way to go are called nudist or naturalist. Being in the nude is not aboutbeing rude or freaky. It’s about being comfortable with your body. There is a liberating feeling when you step out and feel the breeze all over. There are places all over the world where they invite you to do just that. Of course there are some universal rules that come along with being in the nude. Staring is rude, placing a towel down before you sit on furniture is just good hygiene and please don’t be that creepy person with a camera. Now that you have the rules, leave your clothes in the closet and and pick which naturist resort you would like to go to.

There are many ways to relive stress, gain clear and blemish free skin, and treat chronic illness. There are only a few things you can do to tackle all those issues at once. One of the best ways to find relief and look good afterward is to soak in a geothermal pool. In the world of spa treatments, it all goes back to water and travel. After all, the word “spa” itself comes from Spa, Belgium, a popular watering spot back in the 1600’s. Cultures all over the globe turned to natural, mineral-rich waters to treat a wide array of concerns. The world is rich with natural pools of water that are full of mineral. Here are some of the best ones the earth as to offer.

    Here is a frightful tale of a television show that caught the attention of millions of viewers. 51 years ago on September 26, 1964, Gilligan’s Island aired on national television. The show had solid ratings and was a favorite to many. It only had 98 episodes spanning over three seasons. The cast and crew expected to have a fourth season but the show was replaced by another, Gunsmoke, in 1967. The crew never did get off the island and as far as viewers know they’re still there. In its three year run, Gilligan’s Island has a lot of little known facts and secrets. Here are some of them.

    For many people fairy tales are not real. Everything about them is made up and have no representation of the reality of things. In Norway that is not true. Everything there seems to hold the origins of many of the fairy tales we know. The architecture is a dead give away of Norway’s influence on fairy tales. Buildings and landscapes are majestic and sometimes hard to believe. Everywhere you go in Norway, it is like you are in a fairy tale. Here are some structures that will make you think that you are in a fairy tale world.


      Celebrities from overseas tend to hold a special place in our hearts. They were good enough at their craft to be famous internationally. The musical British invasion and the rise in popularity of foreign films introduced us to celebrities who we otherwise would not have known. These foreign celebrities came and stayed in our hearts and minds for a long time. Long enough for their fans to see their charm and good looks fade away. Here are some foreign celebrities who are loved and adored, but have not aged so well.

        AirBnB quickly made a name for itself as being an alternative to booking an hotel room when traveling. Through AirBnB people can rent their houses, and apartments to guest who are looking for a temporary place to stay while on vacation. It has been proven to be cheaper than going to a hotel and it provides a better living experience for the most part. However, Airbnb is not without flaw. There have been cases of AirBnB nightmares. Whether the guest left the owners home in shambles, or the host was completely obnoxious, these horror stories will make you think twice before using AirBnB.

          The American film industry is one of the most lucrative industries to be in. Fame and money are the results of knowing the right people and making the right moves. That’s why many people who are not American come to make it as an actor, producer or director. Many of the television and movie star that we adore were born outside of the United States borders. The fact that these celebrities had everyone fool is a testament to how good at acting they are.

          Australia is a beautiful place to go and has many attractions and things to experience. Although, a lot of those things may not be good for you. It seems that everything deadly and dangerous lives in Australia. From the animals to the weather, you never know what you are going to get there. Things are just different. The food chain seems to be out of order and there are so many things there that can kill you, if not scare you to death. Here is proof that Australia is the craziest place in the world.

          Spiders are one of the creatures on earth that that get a bad rep. A lot of people known as arachnophobes are petrified of spiders. Spiders do look creepy and we are out number by them, but most spiders are scared of us. Some spiders actually help us by keeping pesky flies and mosquitoes away. Other spiders can be menacing and cause physical pain. So, if you are terrified of spiders, I suggest you stay away from Australia. Australia is home to many species of spiders, some of them being the largest, most dangerous and deadliest ones. If you do find your self in the outback, take precaution, because the spiders are a dominating force to be reckoned with.

          When you think of castles, your imagination immediately time travels to the medieval period of history. When kings and queens ruled their respective lands and where protected by knights. One of the most iconic symbols of this time in history were the castles that housed royalty. Castles are all over Europe and many people feel that is where you have to go to see a real castle. That isn’t the case at all. America is home to some truly amazing castles. Some are occupied others are one the market available for someone to purchase them. Located all over the country, here are some outstanding castles located state side.