It seems that visiting the beach is celebrities favorite past time. The paparazzi constantly snaps pictures of celebrities on the beach. Whether they’re by themselves tanning, in the water with their families, or walking with their significant other, celebrities can be seen at different beaches all over the world at any given time. There are some celebrities who are not always beach body ready. Then their are some celebrities who are always ready for the sand and sun. Here are 15 hot celebrities who are always on the beach.



    Road trips are an art. Road trips require a trustworthy and reliable car, snacks, the right group of friends and the perfect playlist. No matter where you go and if your with friends, family or a significant other, the right music can make or break a road trip. The following list has a diverse group of songs that can fit in on any road trip. Hip-hop, rock, alternative, it’s all covered. They say it’s not the destination but the journey that matters. The soundtrack also matters.

    Traveling is when most of the memories of your life happen. Everyone has a “remember the time we went here” story to tell. The best way to keep those memories is to take a lot of pictures. In these modern times it is not shameful to take a picture of yourself. There is even a term for it, selfie. On your travels you may see things that you want to show people and include yourself to as a way to say “I was here.” A selfie is the perfect way to do that. As you check off the destinations of your travel bucket list. Here are some selfies you might want to take a try at re-creating.

    The world is a big place with many places to visit and things to see. Some places are favorites to visit by a lot of people, other places are not as popular. One of the most visited continents is Europe and one of the most popular countries there is the Netherlands. The Netherlands is a place that is seem to be a tourist attraction. It is made to look like a great country full of many attractions and activities. There are some things that attracts some people to the country but here are some reasons why you shouldn’t visit the Netherlands.

    Eating seems like it is a simple task for everyone to do. It is something that we do everyday and is something we need to do to stay alive. They way people eat differs in different parts of the world. If you are a global citizen then you should be aware of the different dining etiquette practices of other countries. These practices can help you connect with people abroad and it pulls you out of the naive tourist bubble. Read the following list of dining do’s and don’ts in other countries if you are preparing to go abroad.

    If there is one thing we as humans know how to do, it is celebrate life’s triumphs. All over the world people celebrate for many different reasons. Birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, holidays, historical dates or events, tradition, and the list can go on forever with reasons why people celebrate. Some celebrations are small. Only a few people gather and have a good time. Other celebrations are huge. These celebrations usually happen on an annual basis and for a certain period of time. No matter where in the world you can find a huge celebration. Here is a list of some of the worlds biggest and most outrageous celebrations.

      Being a celebrity means you have to make appearances all the time. Charity functions, premieres and openings often require the presence of a popular public figure. The best way to get to these events is by plane. Celebrities are still people and can have a range of emotions that can be shown at any given time. It seems that these emotions are often displayed while flying and the flight crews are often on the receiving end. Flight attendants have to deal with people everyday and seeing a celebrity on their flight may not be a surprise for them. How these celebrities act is what the flight crews remembers. Here are some accounts from flight crew members of how some celebrities behaved while flying to their destination.

      Twitter has developed into something monumental in society and culture. Almost everyone with internet access and a smart phone has a Twitter account. It has become a way to connect and network with people you cannot regularly visit. It is a way for some people to share their thoughts and tell stories. It is all a treasure chest of jokes and other content that will make you laugh. Twitter seems to be one of the main social media outlets for people who love to travel. You can post pictures and videos to your timeline for friends and family to see. You can also document you travels with a series of tweets. One of the best ways to document you trip on Twitter is to make it humorous. The following people shared their traveling experiences in a hilarious way.

      Flying is one of the greatest inventions that man has come up with. It has provided expedited transportation for people and cargo. It can be a hassle and very stressful at times. Especially on an empty stomach. Whether you have no time to eat or you can bring what you want to eat on the plane, hunger is known to ruin passenger’s flights. There are meals and snacks that the airlines offer but they are extremely over priced and you’ll feel like a sucker if you give in and buy them. Lucky for you, below is a list that I have put together that contains tasty snacks that you CAN┬ábring on the plane.

        U.S. Customs is very particular about what they let in the country. Many people go on trips to other countries and buy souvenirs only to get them confiscated at customs. Before going on a trip overseas is would be wise to check for things that you cannot bring back to the states. Just because the rest of the world considers it to be legal doesn’t mean the U.S. does. Some of the things that are banned in the U.S. are for our own protection. Other times it doesn’t make since why some things are banned. Either that is the law and we must adhere to it. So next time you want to bring something back from overseas makes sure it isn’t anything on this list.