Picking a hotel can be a hassle when going on vacation. Your lodging should be as adventurous as your vacation. Some people like to camp in the wild when they travel, others stay with friends or family. The more conservative find the popular name brand hotels that they are familiar with. If you want to change things up a bit try staying in a hotel that was once a prison. Old prisons and jailhouse have been converted to luxurious hotels where guest can experience the best hospitality the area has to offer. Some of the hotels have completely ¬†transformed the building, while others kept remnants to the facilities past. It’s a little exciting to be able to tell your friends that you stayed in a room where it is possible that someone got shanked.

It is not uncommon for people to leave things in their hotel rooms. Some of the most common things that get left are phone chargers, sunglasses, and maybe even a pair of shoes. Those things can easily be replaced or returned. There are other things that are found in hotel rooms that are a lot stranger. This list has some of the most bizarre findings a hotel staff can find. Housekeepers must have interesting jobs if they find weird and creepy, and sometimes cool stuff like this all the time.

Disneyland is the ultimate destination for families in the summer time. It can be a one day trip, or it can be a weekend adventure. Going to Disney Land is every child’s dream. There are a lot of things to do which makes the park one of the best. There are a lot things that you can do to make you Disney vacation even better. It’s called the magical kingdom for a reason. There are all kinds of hidden treasures a Disneyland and sometimes all you have to do is ask for them. Here are a few life hacks to make your Disney vacation even better.

Star Wars is an iconic piece of American and cinematic history. A staple in the Sci-Fi genre, Star Wars fans have created a subculture of their own. Famous characters like Yoda, Luke Skywalker, and Darth Vader continue to be referenced in modern pop culture. With the upcoming release of Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens, Star Wars fans have something to get excited about. Thought the film is said to take place in a galaxy far, far away, some of the actual filming took place here on earth. Though there was plenty of studio filming and computer generated graphics, filmmakers still made trips out to real-world locations. Here are some of the film location you can actually visit.

The summer is is in full swing and the water parks are open for business. One of the best things to do to beat the heat is to take a ride on a water slide. There are different types of slides that have different features like tunnels, loops or drops. Some water slides are extremely fun to ride while others are completely terrifying. The bigger the slide the scarier it is. Some water slides have been known to be so terrifying that their are strict age and weight requirements to ensure the riders safety. These rides were not created to be kid friendly. Only the bravest of the thrill seekers try these water slides. Here are the most terrifying water slides in America.

Summer is in full swing and everyone has been swarming to the beach to show off their beach bods. Others, who are not a big fan of getting sand everywhere have been going to the pool. Pool parties are where some of the best summer memories are made. All over the world people have pool parties. Some are small and intimate, others are big and can get a little chaotic. Whatever you prefer the best pool parties in the world are on this list. Take a look and see which one you can see yourself at.

    There are many ways to capture your traveling memories. Most people bring their camera’s to snap pictures the places they have visited. Some people buy a bunch of souvenirs to remind them of all the places they’ve been to. Other frequent travelers get a tattoo to permanently remind themselves and to show others that they love to travel. There are plenty of tattoos that are travel inspired and have different meanings. These are some of the best tattoos for people who love to travel.

    The Summer is here and that means people all over the nation are planning and finalizing their vacations. Summer is the ideal time for people to travel. Everyone knows this including the travel agencies, hotels and airlines. This is the season where they make the most money at your expense. There are some way to avoid the hassles of traveling and make your vacation as stress free as possible. The following list includes hacks to find your car in a crowd parking lot, packing light, making sure you get the best price on flights and more.

    The quickest way to get to a travel destination is to fly. Flying, however can be expensive and restrictive. Depending on the airline, where you want to go and the time you want to fly, tickets can cost almost $1000. On top of paying big bucks for a flight, getting through security is a hassle in itself. You can’t bring as much stuff as you want on a flight, there are restrictions as to what you can bring. Some people either don’t ¬†know about the laws or they just feel that they can outsmart the Transportation Security Administration. Over the years people have tried to sneak the weirdest things in the craziest ways past TSA only to have those things confiscated.

    A popular vacation destination is an island. The further away from home and more tropical, the better. Many people wish that they could have their own private island to get away any time they want. Some wealthy people already do. If you can scrape up enought nickles and dimes you can have your own island built. That seems to be the new trend in real estate. All of the world man made islands are popping up. Some are used to create space for a crowed country or city, other islands are built to attract tourist and create a fun atmosphere. There are a few downsides to artificial islands but it is still a relatively new concept. The following islalnds all were made by man. Some are fading away with time, and others are being built to last.