Atlantis has long been talked of in ancient lore since (c. 429 – 347 BCE) . It’s legend began in the collective conscious with Plato. the Greek philosopher, in his works Timaeus and Critias, he described an idyllic island that sank into the sea and vanished 9,000 years earlier. For some, it was merely a fictional island used as an allegory for what a utopia can be, and how it can disintegrate. But there was always the lure of the lore, was it real? Did it exist? Where could it be?

When your loved ones pass away, you never really know what you are going to inherit. And this was certainly the case for one young woman recently. Her great aunt recently passed away and she inherited a rusty, old chest. She wasn’t ungrateful, but she wasn’t quite sure what was in the chest or what she would do with it. Since it was rusty and not well kept, she assumed that nothing of value would be inside. But when she finally got the chest opened, she made a shocking discovery. Read on to learn about the shocking discoveries that were made when this old, rusty chest that she inherited from her great aunt was finally popped open.

A woman recently inherited a rusty old chest from her great aunt.

You would never think about what could be beneath the ground in your backyard, and neither did this man – that was, until he started digging. You might find some rocks and stones buried within the dirt, or you may even find some dried-up chicken bones that had been buried years ago. However, this man found something that he didn’t expect, and it was his curiosity that got the best of him.

He had just bought a house for him in his family. But as nice as it was on the inside, the backyard wasn’t what he wanted. In spite of that, he decided to buy it because the deal was too good to pass up.

Anyone who has done a home renovation knows that they should expect the unexpected. Once you start knocking down walls, you may find an unpleasant surprise that could throw your entire budget out the window. But there was someone who found something that was completely unexpected. What was supposed to be a simple renovation project turned out to be a major expedition that unlocked an ancient secret.

When he bought the property, he saw enormous potential. And with a price so cheap, he had plenty of money to make it his own. Not to mention, it was in a spot of land that was ideal for the lifestyle he wanted.

Every criminal on death row is allowed to say a few last words before he or she is executed, and many of them see it as an opportunity to either apologize for what they’ve done or say goodbye to family and loved ones. Yet there are some who use their last words to leave a lasting impression, and there are some famous last words that have been so bizarre that it would be near impossible to forget.

Here is a list of bizarre last statements from death row inmates in the last moments of their execution.

John Wayne Gacy assaulted and murdered more than 30 teen boys and young men from 1972 and 1978, and he was sentenced to death in 1980. During his execution on May 9, 1994, he didn’t say much in that final moment (except for the words “kiss my ass”). And after 14 years of incarceration, he was probably a pain in one.

Whoever said hunting for treasure was child’s play outright lied. This man probably believed the myth, though, which is why he didn’t immediately grab his shovel and bucket upon hearing that a prized possession was right in his backyard. He was like any other mature, intelligent adult who deems it silly to believe in the notion of something valuable being buried underneath the house. After all, nature has destroyed what archaeologists failed to uncover, right? Wrong! This man started digging in his backyard and made the ultimate discovery of a lifetime.

 It all began with a blueprint

He decided to review the general outline of his property when the man discovered a passageway to something incredible. At first, he probably dismissed the sight as nonsense. It wasn’t as if the man was the first owner of the house. After viewing the sketch a few more times, though, it became clear that there was something underground that deserved investigating.

Ever wondered what a mere $100 can do for you? Well, it got Richard Aiken his lifetime dream log cabin which in his own words was “a real find.”

1. Richard the 65 years old self-described “hillbilly” is a husband and a father of three. He has many accomplishments under his name with two PhDs, an opera singer with a medical degree and an author of a nutrition book.

2. Richard had always wanted to live quietly in the woods in a rustic log cabin. He put out several ads hoping to land a reasonable offer but most log cabins for sale were ridiculously expensive. Then, weeks later after posting his ad he was contacted for a free offer of a 100 years old dilapidated log cabin.

Grieving can be a very personal experience. It’s easy, sometimes, to get overwhelmed from the range of feelings you may be experiencing. Support and time are the best remedies for someone who’s feeling a little blue but sometimes, you need an outlet. After losing his beloved pet, a man decided to get his hands dirty as he thought it would be the best way to deal with the pain.

With the loss of his dog still raw in his memory, he decided to build a koi pond in his backyard. He wanted to do something productive and take his mind off the loss of his dog but he ended up even surprising himself. By the end of the exercise, he had turned his backyard into a tropical paradise. If you have some free time you’d wish to do the same — you don’t have to be grieving any loss, it could be boredom — here are the steps he took to make his backyard swimming pool a reality.

Natalee Ann Holloway took the world by storm in May, 2005 when she mysteriously vanished in Aruba during a high school senior vacation. This talented, beautiful honors student was celebrating her high school graduation and the beginning of a new college journey. She not only was accepted to the University of Alabama, she was going to study pre med, a very competitive degree. All her dreams instantly become her families’ nightmare when they heard she was missing after a big night of partying. Unfortunately none of her friends knew where she had gone.

The Search for Natalee

The plot thickened as the Dutch authorities, friends and family, the citizens of Aruba went on a multi year roller coaster ride to find out what really happened to Natalee. Both a ground search and an ocean floor effort were made to find her. She was never found. It’s like a never ending story as new evidence continues to surface surrounding that fateful night. But it was Natalie’s mother who would never give up on her beloved daughter…

Here is actress Jodie Foster (r) taking a rare break on the set of the movie “Taxi Driver” in 1976. Her role opposite Robert DeNiro in this Martin Scorsese film as a teenage prostitute earned Foster an Academy Award Best Supporting Actress nomination; by the way, she was only 12 when she appeared in the movie.