Love them or hate them, Western movies fuel our need to see good triumph over evil. The genre is chock full of bad guys in black hats who ultimately are shot or hanged by the good guys in white hats. The genre has at the surface tales of the American west, but some films delve into issues of our times – Marxism, capitalism, Communism, sexism, and racism. Some of the grittier films show us that even white hats hide the evil intentions of man, and that every man who was labeled a bad guy didn’t necessarily deserve that title. In fact, sometimes a black hat is just a fashion statement.

1 The Good, The Bad and The Ugly (1966) – Known as a spaghetti western, the movie is the last in a trilogy directed by Sergio Leone. Clint Eastwood (Good) tries to find stolen gold before Lee Van Cleef (Bad) and Eli Wallach (Ugly). Leone makes sure to show us that Eastwood’s character isn’t any better than the others. The film shows us that “The real West was the world of violence, fear, and brutal instincts,” claimed Leone. “In pursuit of profit there is no such thing as good and evil, generosity or deviousness; everything depends on chance, and not the best wins but the luckiest.” Arguably, The Good, The Bad and the Ugly is one of the best western movies of all times.

It’s well known that celebrities make a lot of money, but it’s sometimes shocking to learn which have made the most. The following 13 celebrities have bank accounts that will make your eyes bug out. Not all of them were chosen for sheer monetary value: some are simply surprising because they remain so rich in spite of mitigating circumstances. Is your favorite celebrity on this list?

Mariska Hargitay – Worth: $30 Million
Though not high on everyone’s “well known” list, this respected television actress has made a name for herself on one of the many off-shoots of “Law And Order.” Making nearly half a million dollars per episode, she has earned a hefty personal worth (though she still worries about losing it all the time, due to her poor upbringing as a child).


If there’s one thing Donald Trump loves, it’s publicity. In his book “Trump: the Art of the Deal”, he says “Good publicity is preferable to bad, but from a bottom-line perspective, bad publicity is sometimes better than no publicity at all. Controversy, in short, sells”. This leads up to the fact that Donald loves celebrities – from the highest to the lowest – and if there’s a photo opportunity with a star, well, guess who’s also in the photo? Of course, this desire to be photographed with celebrities is a double edged sword. After the fact, Donald might have second or third thoughts about those photos. Without any further delay, here are 12 pics that Donald Trump doesn’t want you to see!

1. So guess who was invited to Donald Trump’s wedding to Melania? That’s right, Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary! No-one could have guessed in 2005 that what appears to be the closest of friends would be rivals in the presidential elections.

Australia has a rather whacky reputation. Visitors tend to think that Australians are somewhat crazy for even living in Australia. After all, this is a place where even seemingly harmless native creatures can and do kill people. You may want to come there just to see some of them. The following pictures help illustrate exactly the kinds of animals you might see should you go here.

1. In this picture a very large python has been caught eating a nearly as large bat. Pythons are a common sight on the continent and extremely dangerous as they are easily provoked and will strike back when mad.

Bill Clinton, a blast from the presidential past has re entered the political arena with his wife Hillary who is following his footsteps and running for president too. This power couple has hit the record books for many firsts. Bill was the first president to appoint Janet Reno as the first female U.S. attorney general, Madeline Albright as the first female United States secretary of state and Monica Lewinsky as the first White House intern to get caught up in a presidential sex scandal! If Hilllary wins the election, she will become the first woman ever elected President of the United States. That’s some record making history. Speaking of history, take a look at these 17 unseen photos of Bill the Clintons don’t want you to see.

1. Bill! Cover That Beach Body: Sometimes less is more but this time, less is too much! Too much for our eyes that is! We think this bathing beauty should’ve kept something left to our imagination. It just doesn’t seem presidential to be half naked for the whole world to see your birthday suit!

Rugby is one of many variations of what Americans call football, and was born in the British Isles in the late 1800s. Rugby itself has a few versions, and the smaller teams with more scoring was what we saw at the Olympics. Many countries have professional rugby leagues, and just like other footballers of different kinds around the world, they are well paid. The top starts are pretty rich. The Toulon side from France has several on our list of the richest so they may be the New York Yankees of rugby. Whether that translates to championships remains to be seen. Here are the best paid rugby players in the world.

David Pocock’s Net Worth- $1.9 Billion AUD

It has not happened yet, but David Pocock of the Wasps, of England, could be among the highest paid rugby players in the world very soon with a salary of more than 1.4 million pounds. He is currently playing in Australia, and the Coventry club in England is working hard to pull off the deal.

Being a celebrity is pretty amazing complete with a lifestyle many only dream of. Fan wants to know all they can about your life from struggles to successes. One thing fans fascinate with are family ties of celebrities. Learning your favorite celebrity or actor is part of a twin package makes them more interesting and star worthy. Check out your favorite celebrity twin status below and learn more about your favorite stars.

Scarlett and Hunter Johansson
Although she is all girl, there was always something striking about Scarlett Johansson’s looks. We get to see what she looks like as a man when you take a look at her twin brother Hunter. Pull the hair back and put both in a jeans and a cap and you would struggle to tell them apart. Their career paths are very different but the low key demeanor is a personality trait both share.

The original Star Wars movie, which debuted in 1977, has an adjusted worldwide gross of $2,825,000,000 (as of 2014) which gives it the coveted title of the third highest ranking film of all time (Gone with the Wind is no. 1 and Avatar is no. 2). The 7 films in the Star Wars series have all been commercial successes, and can boast of a total combined revenue surpassing $6.46 billion. Well and good – but what of the the beloved characters in the original Star Wars movie? Have they shared the wealth?

Harrison Ford

Net Worth- $23o million

Let’s begin with Harrison Ford, who played Han Solo, the Millennium Falcon captain and smuggler, and eventually one of the greatest leaders of the Rebel Alliance. He was 35 when the original Star Wars film came out in 1977. He would go on to star in the wildly popular Indiana Jones film series, and also turned in stellar performances in Blade Runner (1982), Witness (1985), Apocalypse Now (1979), Patriot Games (1992), and Clear and Present Danger (1994). Ford is married to Calista Flockhart (Ally McBeal) and is estimated to be worth $230 million.

According to, the average American pastor earns about $46,000 per year. A salary of that size isn’t too surprising considering that only 38% of Americans attend weekly religious services. Despite some churches struggling to keep their doors open, a handful of pastors have entered the ranks of the world’s richest. Meet the top ten mega pastors!

Net worth: $3 million
Chris Okotie, a televangelist and pastor from Nigeria, first rose to fame as a pop musician in the 1980’s. He later founded the Household Church of God, whose 5000 members are mostly local celebrities and musicians. Okotie continued to spread his message when he founded a political party, the Fresh Party. He ran –and lost – in Nigeria’s presidential election.

Have ever been on a flight and wondered what your flight attendant is really thinking? Maybe, maybe not, but perhaps you should. Here are 13 things your flight attendant is thinking but would never tell you. Most of this stuff is common sense if people would just stop for a minute and put themselves in the flight attendant’s shoes.

1. You Are Not the Only One on the Flight
Believe it or not, you are not alone on the flight so don’t do things that could offend or disturb others. Please, no overly loud conversations with your flight-mate, no snoring, and please, no personal under the blanket business with your significant other that should be reserved for the bedroom!