According to, the average American pastor earns about $46,000 per year. A salary of that size isn’t too surprising considering that only 38% of Americans attend weekly religious services. Despite some churches struggling to keep their doors open, a handful of pastors have entered the ranks of the world’s richest. Meet the top ten mega pastors!

Net worth: $3 million
Chris Okotie, a televangelist and pastor from Nigeria, first rose to fame as a pop musician in the 1980’s. He later founded the Household Church of God, whose 5000 members are mostly local celebrities and musicians. Okotie continued to spread his message when he founded a political party, the Fresh Party. He ran –and lost – in Nigeria’s presidential election.

Have ever been on a flight and wondered what your flight attendant is really thinking? Maybe, maybe not, but perhaps you should. Here are 13 things your flight attendant is thinking but would never tell you. Most of this stuff is common sense if people would just stop for a minute and put themselves in the flight attendant’s shoes.

1. You Are Not the Only One on the Flight
Believe it or not, you are not alone on the flight so don’t do things that could offend or disturb others. Please, no overly loud conversations with your flight-mate, no snoring, and please, no personal under the blanket business with your significant other that should be reserved for the bedroom!