Anyone who has done a home renovation knows that they should expect the unexpected. Once you start knocking down walls, you may find an unpleasant surprise that could throw your entire budget out the window. But there was someone who found something that was completely unexpected. What was supposed to be a simple renovation project turned out to be a major expedition that unlocked an ancient secret.

When he bought the property, he saw enormous potential. And with a price so cheap, he had plenty of money to make it his own. Not to mention, it was in a spot of land that was ideal for the lifestyle he wanted.

Australia has a rather whacky reputation. Visitors tend to think that Australians are somewhat crazy for even living in Australia. After all, this is a place where even seemingly harmless native creatures can and do kill people. You may want to come there just to see some of them. The following pictures help illustrate exactly the kinds of animals you might see should you go here.

1. In this picture a very large python has been caught eating a nearly as large bat. Pythons are a common sight on the continent and extremely dangerous as they are easily provoked and will strike back when mad.

There are many ways to relive stress, gain clear and blemish free skin, and treat chronic illness. There are only a few things you can do to tackle all those issues at once. One of the best ways to find relief and look good afterward is to soak in a geothermal pool. In the world of spa treatments, it all goes back to water and travel. After all, the word “spa” itself comes from Spa, Belgium, a popular watering spot back in the 1600’s. Cultures all over the globe turned to natural, mineral-rich waters to treat a wide array of concerns. The world is rich with natural pools of water that are full of mineral. Here are some of the best ones the earth as to offer.

For many people fairy tales are not real. Everything about them is made up and have no representation of the reality of things. In Norway that is not true. Everything there seems to hold the origins of many of the fairy tales we know. The architecture is a dead give away of Norway’s influence on fairy tales. Buildings and landscapes are majestic and sometimes hard to believe. Everywhere you go in Norway, it is like you are in a fairy tale. Here are some structures that will make you think that you are in a fairy tale world.

Australia is a beautiful place to go and has many attractions and things to experience. Although, a lot of those things may not be good for you. It seems that everything deadly and dangerous lives in Australia. From the animals to the weather, you never know what you are going to get there. Things are just different. The food chain seems to be out of order and there are so many things there that can kill you, if not scare you to death. Here is proof that Australia is the craziest place in the world.

Traveling is when most of the memories of your life happen. Everyone has a “remember the time we went here” story to tell. The best way to keep those memories is to take a lot of pictures. In these modern times it is not shameful to take a picture of yourself. There is even a term for it, selfie. On your travels you may see things that you want to show people and include yourself to as a way to say “I was here.” A selfie is the perfect way to do that. As you check off the destinations of your travel bucket list. Here are some selfies you might want to take a try at re-creating.

If there is one thing we as humans know how to do, it is celebrate life’s triumphs. All over the world people celebrate for many different reasons. Birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, holidays, historical dates or events, tradition, and the list can go on forever with reasons why people celebrate. Some celebrations are small. Only a few people gather and have a good time. Other celebrations are huge. These celebrations usually happen on an annual basis and for a certain period of time. No matter where in the world you can find a huge celebration. Here is a list of some of the worlds biggest and most outrageous celebrations.

Twitter has developed into something monumental in society and culture. Almost everyone with internet access and a smart phone has a Twitter account. It has become a way to connect and network with people you cannot regularly visit. It is a way for some people to share their thoughts and tell stories. It is all a treasure chest of jokes and other content that will make you laugh. Twitter seems to be one of the main social media outlets for people who love to travel. You can post pictures and videos to your timeline for friends and family to see. You can also document you travels with a series of tweets. One of the best ways to document you trip on Twitter is to make it humorous. The following people shared their traveling experiences in a hilarious way.

Picking a hotel can be a hassle when going on vacation. Your lodging should be as adventurous as your vacation. Some people like to camp in the wild when they travel, others stay with friends or family. The more conservative find the popular name brand hotels that they are familiar with. If you want to change things up a bit try staying in a hotel that was once a prison. Old prisons and jailhouse have been converted to luxurious hotels where guest can experience the best hospitality the area has to offer. Some of the hotels have completely ¬†transformed the building, while others kept remnants to the facilities past. It’s a little exciting to be able to tell your friends that you stayed in a room where it is possible that someone got shanked.

It is not uncommon for people to leave things in their hotel rooms. Some of the most common things that get left are phone chargers, sunglasses, and maybe even a pair of shoes. Those things can easily be replaced or returned. There are other things that are found in hotel rooms that are a lot stranger. This list has some of the most bizarre findings a hotel staff can find. Housekeepers must have interesting jobs if they find weird and creepy, and sometimes cool stuff like this all the time.