It is not uncommon for people to leave things in their hotel rooms. Some of the most common things that get left are phone chargers, sunglasses, and maybe even a pair of shoes. Those things can easily be replaced or returned. There are other things that are found in hotel rooms that are a lot stranger. This list has some of the most bizarre findings a hotel staff can find. Housekeepers must have interesting jobs if they find weird and creepy, and sometimes cool stuff like this all the time.

The summer is is in full swing and the water parks are open for business. One of the best things to do to beat the heat is to take a ride on a water slide. There are different types of slides that have different features like tunnels, loops or drops. Some water slides are extremely fun to ride while others are completely terrifying. The bigger the slide the scarier it is. Some water slides have been known to be so terrifying that their are strict age and weight requirements to ensure the riders safety. These rides were not created to be kid friendly. Only the bravest of the thrill seekers try these water slides. Here are the most terrifying water slides in America.

Australien ist wie der Hinterhof der Welt. Es gibt so viel zu unternehmen, dass es nicht leicht ist, dort einen Kurzurlaub zu planen. Dank seiner Lage in der südlichen Hemisphäre sind die Jahreszeiten genau umgekehrt. Juni bis August sind die Wintermonate in Australien. Der Kontinent ist ein fantastischer Ort voller Leben und Kultur und bietet für jeden das Richtige. Das Land hat den Ruf, wild und rau zu sein, was allerlei abenteuerustige Menschen anzieht. Australien bietet aber auch weniger extreme Attraktionen für Besucher, die es lieber etwas ruhig angehen lassen. Zum Beispiel kann man entspannt auf Sightseeing gehen oder die Küche auf Weltklasse-Niveau genießen. Wenn Sie sich von den vielen Angeboten überwältigt fühlen, schauen Sie sich diese Liste der Pflichtbesuche in Australien an.

Australia es como el patio trasero del mundo. Hay tanto que hacer que es difícil planificar unas vacaciones cortas. Al estar en el hemisferio sur, las estaciones son inversas. De junio a agosto son los meses de invierno en Australia. Es un gran lugar, lleno de vida y cultura. Australia tiene algo para todos. Tiene fama de tener un paisaje abrupto que atrae a todo tipo de aventureros. También tiene actividades menos rigurosas para quienes desean pasar unas vacaciones más tranquilas, con rutas turísticas y experiencias gastronómicas de primera calidad. Si te abruma la cantidad de opciones que te presenta el país, puedes echar un ojo a esta lista de actividades que no te deberías perder en tu estancia en Australia.

A popular vacation destination is an island. The further away from home and more tropical, the better. Many people wish that they could have their own private island to get away any time they want. Some wealthy people already do. If you can scrape up enought nickles and dimes you can have your own island built. That seems to be the new trend in real estate. All of the world man made islands are popping up. Some are used to create space for a crowed country or city, other islands are built to attract tourist and create a fun atmosphere. There are a few downsides to artificial islands but it is still a relatively new concept. The following islalnds all were made by man. Some are fading away with time, and others are being built to last.

Runners start during the 35rd Berlin Marathon in Berlin, Germany, Sunday, Sept. 28, 2008. Around 40,000 runners from 100 countries take part in the event. In the background is the landmark Victory Column. (AP Photo/Michael Sohn)

Running a marathon is something that may be on your bucket list. Another common bucket list entry is to travel. There is a way for you to do both at the same time. Participating in a destination marathon is a way to kill two birds with one stone. This is a perfect way to see the world you live in on foot. Being in shape will help you complete the goal of running a marathon. Marathon training starts months and sometimes years before the actual race. Some people dread fitness and working out, but these destination marathons are worth the sweat and sore muscles. Besides, you’ll get to show off your hot body at all of these great destinations.

Disney World is one of the magical places on earth. It says that on many of their travel brochures and they are not lying. Nicked named the “Magical Kingdom,” Disney World is an one-of-a-kind experience for children and adults. Majestic hotels, fine dining, and fun filled days and nights make Disney World a must go destination. The “magic,” however, usually takes place behind the scenes or, directly in your face without you knowing it. Here are some of the most magical secrets of Disney World.

The lifestyles of the rich and famous can be very enticing. People see celebrities on the red carpet at movie premiers, and award shows, then in the same day they may see them in a completely different country. Being a celebrity means being on the move constantly. The airport is a second or third home to most celebs. Some celebrities find it much better to travel privately. That way they can avoid long security lines and the paparazzi. Check out the list of celebrities who have their own means of aerial transportation.

People take pride in the city they are from. When you visit a city and want to buy a souvenir, whether it’s a key chain, shot glass, or t-shirt, it usually has the city’s name on it. Some cities have names where the residents wish they didn’t have to bare the shame of living in a city with an embarrassing name. Some names refer to a cities dark past, some are just down right weird and others have sexually suggestive names. Here are some of the weirdest and most suggestive city names is America you may or may not heard of.

For many of us a big part of our childhood is walking to and from school. We have heard the stories of how our parents or grandparents had to walk miles in the snow to get to school. Perhaps some of those tales were embellished just a little bit, but we got the point. A lot of kids these days have the luxury of being driven to school and picked up afterward, whether it is done by mom, dad, a community car pool or the bus provided by the school. In other countries children don’t have the option of being taken to school in a comfortable car. Their journey for education takes them across rivers, lakes, mountains, and busy and dangerous cities.