The earth is constantly changing. Sometimes it is a natural phenomenon like an earthquake, or volcano eruption that adjusts the earths landscape. Other times and in more recent decades it has been changed due to the need of us humans who occupy it. As the human race grows, the planet becomes smaller. We have removed entire forests too make room for our cities and roads. There are many places on earth that have been changed forever and there are a few places that remain untouched, but the clock is ticking. Due to climate change and many other reasons these places will soon disappear. I encourage everyone to go see them before they are gone.

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There are millions, even billions of different types of animals and species. They all have special abilities and characteristics that help them survive in their habitats. Humans are still learning about the animals we see everyday. There are a lot of creature that we really don’t know about. Part of the reason we don’t know much about them is because they are terrifying. Whether it’s the way they look, or the way they act, these animals probably will never be on anyone’s list to have as a pet. This list will show you some of the mos terrifying animal on earth and where they are.

Australia is a place that many people would like to visit in their lifetime. There is a lot to do and see, such as taking all terrain vehicles to desert, or visit the Sydney Opera House. Australia is a hub for well known and experienced surfers. It is a great place to be for nature lovers as well. Australia may have many thing that attract people to come, but it also has things that scare people away. There are things, mostly animals that will make you say “nope,” when asked to go to Australia. Before saying yes to a trip to the outback, look at some of the things that also call Australia home.

With the world population being in the billions, you would think that every corner of the earth would be covered by people. It is hard to imagine that their are some towns and small cities that have no one to occupy them. They’re called ghost towns. Towns become abandoned for multiple reasons. It could be due to a radiation from a near by nuclear plant, or a lack of resources. Whatever the reason is there are a few ghost towns in America with a story to tell. Here are some of the most known ghost towns in the country.

Spring break season is in full swing. After months of studying, cramming, going to class, casually cheating and praying for at least a C on the mid term, college students only want to take off most of their clothes run to the nearest beach and guzzle gallons of alcoholic beverages. There are many locations where college students can do just that. Two of the most popular spring break destinations being Panama City and Miami, you can expect a mojority of spring breakers to be there. There are some other places that don’t get as much atteention but are worthy of a spring break themed movie or at least a blog post. Here is a list of some unique spring break destinations.

Most people go on vacations to relax and unwind. Others go on vacation to explore and go on adventures. These people take life by the horns and aren’t afraid of much, not even death. The earth is like an extreme playground, with much to do and plenty to see. Some of the places and thing you can go and do aren’t what the majority of people are willing to voluntary themselves for. On this list the activities and the places they are doing usually has a margin of sever injury or death. These are some of the most extreme travel adventures.

Traveling is fun and everyone wants to do it as often as possible. As fun as traveling can be it can also be a hassle. Going from one state to another can cause stress with ticket prices and long security lines and not to mention you have to almost strip once you get to the metal detectors. Imagine how much you have to go through to go out of the country. Passports, visas, and other documents take weeks to get and some of them can only get you so far. To decrease the amount of stress that is caused traveling abroad here are some countries you can go to without a visa.

A fond memory for a lot of people is going to the beach and walking on the boardwalk. During the summer the boardwalk is teeming with life. Roller bladers zoom past people eating pizza, french fries, and cotton candy while they watch boardwalk performers share their talents. The boardwalk is the perfect place to watch the waves roll with out getting sand all over you. You can enjoy amusement park rides like a Ferris wheel or run into a raging beach party. If you are at a beach location most likely there is a boardwalk. Here are the best 15 boardwalks in the United States.

Atlantic City Boardwalk, New Jersey The Atlantic City boardwalk in New Jersey is one of the most iconic board walk in the world. The city was the inspiration for the Monopoly game. It was brought entertainment to millions via the MTV television show, Jersey Shore. The first wooden planks were laid in Atlantic City in 1870 to curb the amount of sand beachcombers tracked into the train and hotel lobbies. The four-mile boardwalk now serves as a connector to all of the flashy casinos, glitzy hotel towers, cavernous arcade halls, and a neon-lit amusement pier.

As some of us muscle thorough these last weeks of winter, a beach getaway seems to become more of a reality. There are many beach destinations to choose from. No two beach vacations are exactly the same. Some travelers want sun during the day, and a trendy, urban scene to explore by night, while others want deserted islands offering peace and quiet. Whatever you prefer, there is a place for you to go and get the the relaxation you are looking for. Here is a list of the best beach getaways in 2015.

Barbados Two new, non-stop Delta flights, from JFK in New York and Hartsfield-Jackson International in Atlanta, allow easier access to this island paradise. The hard part is choosing among Barbados’ 60 beaches. All of them are public. There are beaches for everyone and every activity. You can enjoy the calm waters of the west coast, aka the Platinum Coast, or the surfable waves of the east coast. It’s hard to choose the wrong beach. When you get tired of soaking up the rays, there’s plenty else to do, from reef diving to touring rum plantations to spelunking through Harrison’s Cave.

Finding a good bar is like choosing a good college to go to. There are many things to consider. The people in a bar, whether behind the bar, in front of it or the very first owner of the bar that may or may not be buried beneath it, contribute something to the character of the place. The bar you frequent should match your personality, because it says a lot about your personality. The type of drinks that a bar makes and the overall atmosphere of the place should be taken into consideration. If you are choosing a bar to become a regular at look at this list of the best bars in America to see which one you would fit in with.

15 Romolo Located in San Francisco, you have to go up to get to 15 Romolo. It’s tucked away in a little alley, where you have to climb a short flight of steps to get to the front door. Unlike most dark bars, this mixologists’ hangout is also large and uncluttered. The pin-lit bar beckons across the dark expanse of open floor like a light house across a dark coast line. It’s a place that you can just relax with a stiff drink.