Gambling has a stigma of being dangerous and addictive. That can be true at times, but its so fun. Gambling is a million dollar industry, so it can’t be boring. Walking into a casino ignites the senses. The smell of alcohol and cigar smoke, the sight of the flashing “jackpot” lights, the feeling of a stack of chips in your hands makes you wan to try your luck. It sucks when you lose but at least you have a story to tell. One thing that makes gambling fun is where you choose to gamble. All over the world different cities have different gambling rules and regulations. Some are very strict, while others are super relaxed. This list will tell you where the best gambling cities in the world are.

There is an estimated 7.1 billion people currently inhabiting the earth. One can only imagine where the majority of these people live. Seven continents, thousands of countries and thousands more cultures and nationalities make it a little difficult to track the amount of people that are in one particular location. The Census Bureau does the best possible job to keep track of the earth’s population. Individually countries and cities try to keep a tight grip on how many people are in their domain for political and economic reasons. The following list include some of the most populated cities in the world. Some are prosperous due to the large amount of people that contribute to city or cities struggle to support the abundance of its citizens.
Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo, Japan is one of the busiest cities in the world. It is the capital of Japan. It has many attractions like gardens, amusement parks and clubs that keep tourist coming and the natives occupied. Tokyo has the highest population of people in the entire world. As with any heavily populated city, traffic is a hassle. Including the metro areas, there is 35 million people who currently live in Tokyo.

Food is more than just a necessity to survive, it is a representation of the culture it comes from. That’s why food festivals are so popular. Its a chance for people to try foods that they have never tried before. Food festivals are places where well known chefs showcase new products and dishes and new chefs can make a name for themselves. Here’s a list of some of the best food festivals to go to.


Taste of Chicago

Chicago is famous for the deep dish pizza and Chicago style-hot dogs, but those are not the only culinary staples that Chicago boasts. That’s clear at Taste of Chicago, one of America’s premier food festivals, held annually since 1980. Held in Grant Park, the festival last for 10 days and all the restaurants in the city participate by sharing their finest cuisine. Some of the most notable treats to try is  the Banana Leaf restaurant’s jerk chicken wings, and the turtle cheesecake from Eli’s.

Mountains are seen as rough uninhabitable terrains that only skilled climbers can enjoy. People see mountains as cold, snowy, barren terrains. That is not all the way true and this list will prove. Here we have some of the best mountain resorts and lodges to visit in North America. Some are best in the winter other are enjoyable in cold and warm months. Look through the list and see the many different mountain destinations.


The Sagamore, Bolton Landing, New York

When you think of New York, you think of busy streets, and bright lights. If you travel upstate the image is washed away by staggering mountain paths and resorts. The Sagamroe in Bolton Landing, New York. It sits next to Lake George and had green precisely cut grass. You’ll quickly understand why this is the premiere mountain get away in the Adirondack mountains. The hotel take advantage of the landscape to offer swimming, boating, para-sailing, banana boat rides, fishing, a fitness center with aerobics classes and yoga, indoor and outdoor tennis courts, summer camps for the kids, and a new outdoor pool and hot tub. Its a family place so bring the kids.

Scuba diving has become one of the greatest and most enjoyed water activities in the world. People are learning how to scuba dive almost on a daily basis. With the increase of interest in scuba diving, finding the right diving destination has been a priority for new and experienced scuba divers. This list has some of the most beautiful and exotic diving destinations.


The Red Sea, Egypt

The Red Sea has hundreds of miles of coral, a wealth of sea life, and crystal-clear waters. It is one of the best dive destinations on the planet. The water is warm, reaching 75 to 82 degrees, with great visibility, and availability of excellent instructors make this a good spot to learn how to dive. Most scuba activity here is based out of Dahab, Hurghada, Marsa Alam, Safaga, and Sharm El-Sheikh.

Have you ever found yourself in LA. purposely or on accident for just one day? Recently I found myself in an unavoidable one day layover “stuck” in LA. Life is what you make it so I asked myself, how can I make the best of it. Is this going to be a problem or is this going to be awesome? So with a little research, a cheap rental car, and a little help from a friend I was able to have an epic time ” stuck in LA.” Here are some suggestions on how to make the best of your limited time in LA.

Winter is quickly approaching and while some people dread the season others enjoy it. With winter comes winter sports like ice skating, hockey and skiing. Other activities include building a snowman, and having a snowball fight. Winter can be fun and this list has places that embody that notion. This list includes places that are one the highest mountain tops and are in snug tucked away spaces.


Goa, India


Goa is definitely among the best winter destinations in the world. Between the months of December and February, millions of people from the west visit this small Indian state. This is the best time to visit Goa, because the temperature does not drop to a freezing cold point. The average temperature during daytime is between 68-86 degree Fahrenheit. Here, winter marks the beginning of  the festive season. Also, unlike many other Indian state Christmas is celebrated, due to majority of the locals being Catholic. There are some popular music festivals, the carnival of Goa, and other festival happen during this period of time. The only thing that is missing is snow.

The beach is the ultimate vacation destination. There is always an abundance of sun, water and fun. Depending on the time of year and where you go, some beach destinations like Miami and Panama can be crowded and quite frustrating. This list introduces you to some of the most exotic beaches the world has to offer. Some are big tourist attractions, while others are remote and don’t see much human presence.


Matira Beach, Bora Bora, French Polynesian Islands

Matira Beach is located on the French Polynesian island of Bora Bora. This beach is for the adventurous and the laid back personality. There are activities that fit all age groups. Its turquoise water reflects the sunlight in the perfect way. You can stay in a regular hotel or go for a more lavish setting and stay in a bungalow on the water. Either way it is budget friendly.

Many people dream of touring Europe. The many countries, cultures and traditions give Europe a rich history. Many of the cities in Europe are perfect for romantic getaways. The cities that are know for being a place for romance like Paris and Venice are on the list. Some of the other entries on the list may surprise you.  Not only does this list tell you where you and your significant other can got it suggests something to do.

There are many kinds of travel destinations, but when romance is involved, there has to be something special about it. Depending on your finances and general taste in stuff, you might like anything from Caribbean resorts to an impressive villa in the hills. Whatever the case is, that little something will have to be ultimately romantic, special and with a perfect view. This is a list of top 20 most romantic travel destinations that will come in handy when you decide to get away from everyone and bring your romantic part back to life!



1. Amangalla Hotel in Sri Lanka is for fans of colonial style. Antique beds, calwfoot bathtubs and Dutch colonial fort outside the hotel will surely bring you back to the 17th century. With each step you will be learning how it felt be be alive hundreds and hundreds years ago. So get into the time capsule and enjoy your staying in Amangalla!