New Evidence in the Case of Natalee Holloway’s 2005 Disappearance

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Natalee Ann Holloway took the world by storm in May, 2005 when she mysteriously vanished in Aruba during a high school senior vacation. This talented, beautiful honors student was celebrating her high school graduation and the beginning of a new college journey. She not only was accepted to the University of Alabama, she was going to study pre med, a very competitive degree. All her dreams instantly become her families’ nightmare when they heard she was missing after a big night of partying. Unfortunately none of her friends knew where she had gone.

The Search for Natalee

The plot thickened as the Dutch authorities, friends and family, the citizens of Aruba went on a multi year roller coaster ride to find out what really happened to Natalee. Both a ground search and an ocean floor effort were made to find her. She was never found. It’s like a never ending story as new evidence continues to surface surrounding that fateful night. But it was Natalie’s mother who would never give up on her beloved daughter…