This Guy Turned an Ugly Backyard Hole into a Swimming Pool Paradise!

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Grieving can be a very personal experience. It’s easy, sometimes, to get overwhelmed from the range of feelings you may be experiencing. Support and time are the best remedies for someone who’s feeling a little blue but sometimes, you need an outlet. After losing his beloved pet, a man decided to get his hands dirty as he thought it would be the best way to deal with the pain.

With the loss of his dog still raw in his memory, he decided to build a koi pond in his backyard. He wanted to do something productive and take his mind off the loss of his dog but he ended up even surprising himself. By the end of the exercise, he had turned his backyard into a tropical paradise. If you have some free time you’d wish to do the same — you don’t have to be grieving any loss, it could be boredom — here are the steps he took to make his backyard swimming pool a reality.