Top 10 Best Hotel Rooms

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    One of the most important aspects, if not thee most important aspect of a vacation is the hotel  room you will stay in. The quality of a hotel room can make or break a vacation. The following hotel rooms are a far cry from the rooms at the Holiday Inn or Howard Johnson Hotel. This list will show you the most spacious and luxurious hotel rooms in the world.

    Hotel Ink48, Heaven-Over-Hell’s Kitchen Suite, New York

    Hotel Ink48 was once a printing plant, in a location in New York called Hell’s Kitchen, not to be mistaken for Chef Ramsey’s restaurant. The suites name, Heaven-Over-Hell’s Kitchen was an accurate description of what used to be a rundown part of the city. Today you can come and stay in one of the best hotel room in the country. It is a 1,100 sq ft space with floor to ceiling windows, that leads to a view up the Hudson River from the living room.