Top 13 Richest Rugby Players in the World

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Rugby is one of many variations of what Americans call football, and was born in the British Isles in the late 1800s. Rugby itself has a few versions, and the smaller teams with more scoring was what we saw at the Olympics. Many countries have professional rugby leagues, and just like other footballers of different kinds around the world, they are well paid. The top starts are pretty rich. The Toulon side from France has several on our list of the richest so they may be the New York Yankees of rugby. Whether that translates to championships remains to be seen. Here are the best paid rugby players in the world.

David Pocock’s Net Worth- $1.9 Billion AUD

It has not happened yet, but David Pocock of the Wasps, of England, could be among the highest paid rugby players in the world very soon with a salary of more than 1.4 million pounds. He is currently playing in Australia, and the Coventry club in England is working hard to pull off the deal.