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10 Contries To Cross Off Your “Go To” List in 2014

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Traveling abroad is fun and exciting. It can potentially be dangerous as well. Commercials on TV and the pictures in brochures only show you what you want to see. It’s up to you to research the current events of the country you want to visit. The U.S. Department of State issues travel alerts that traveler should pay attention to. The following list includes the top 10 countries travelers should avoid.

Saudi Arabia

There are multiple terrorist units in Saudi Arabia, some allied with al-Qaida. The Department of State advises anyone who is visiting Saudi Arabia to make sure their lodging area has strict security. In July 2014, al-Qaida members attacked a border check point between Yemen and Saudi Arabia. Attacks like these are unpredictable and lead to multiple fatalities.


Pakistan is a breeding ground for foreign and native terrorist bands. The terrorist in this country often focus their acts of violence against noncombatant, government, and foreign targets. These attacks use heavy military grade weapons on places like military bases and airports. The most recent attack happened on June 24 when gunmen opened fire on an international flight. The Western edges of Pakistan must be evaded specifically, as stated by the Department of State.


Though some areas in Columbia are fairly safe, due to heightened security, the country as a whole should be avoided for travel. Drug trafficking has caused much of the violence that goes on here. Buenaventura, a Pacific Ocean harbor town is the epicenter of the drug trading business in Columbia. It is also where majority of the brutality spreads from.


All travel to Sudan should be avoid as stated by the Department of State. In Sudan, especially in Darfur, because of the lack of security. The possibilities of hostility and aggression directed toward Westerners. In 2012 the U.S. Embassy was attacked, and terrorist groups in the region remain active. Anyone under the age of 21 is not allowed to travel from the U.S. to Sudan


There is a high threat of terrorism and kidnapping in Algeria. Bombings, false roadblocks, ambushes and assassinations occur on regular basis in Algeria. Suicide car bombing are the most common attacks do to that method being unpredictable. Most of these attacks happen on the East and South of Algeria.


If there is no valid reason for you to travel to Yemen, than please do not do so. Terrorist movements and activity have increased in Yemen. On March 18, a South Korean march was assaulted by a suicide bomber nearby Sana’a International Airport. In September, the U.S. Embassy was attacked by armed terrorists. The U.S. Department of State has issued a high security danger level in Yemen and urge those U.S. citizens that reside in Yemen to leave instantly.


For multiple reasons, Mexico should be on your “don’t go” list. Medical reasons like the swine flu should be enough to deter someone from visiting. It is currently classified as a stage five epidemic by the World Health Organization.

Drug trafficking is a major problem in Mexico. With the movement of narcotics comes violence. Drug cartels are known to be cruel and brutal especially close to the U.S. border. Tourist and locals are often caught in the crossfire of rival cartels. The threat of “express kidnappings”, where innocent people are held captive until a ransom is paid or money is withdrawn from a bank account, are a reality.


Russia is a complicated country to visit. There is a lot of political controversy and bureaucratic red tape that must be navigated carefully when visiting Russia. Getting there is only half the battle. The procedure to get a tourist visa is so long and dragged out, it deters people from wanting to go. Earlier this year the tensions between Russia and the Ukraine have reached a boiling point which makes Russia a less attractive destination.


The beauty of Thailand’s culture and landscape are often what we think about and are shown when it comes to the country. Thailand made this list due to the rise in civil distress. Large political protest have been unpredictable. These protest have been centered around popular tourist sites making it uncomfortable for tourist. These protest have caused road closure and other obstructions making it hard to get around. These protest start off peaceful but usually escalate, to gunshots and explosions in some cases. Things may have calmed down a little, but still be cautious.


India has become increasingly violent toward women. In 2013 a fatal gang rape of a 23 year old women caused a 35 percent drop of female travelers to India, according to the New York Times. In the same year an American and Swiss tourist also were gang raped. If India is on your “go to” list, go with a group. This will help prevent any attacks while there.


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