13+ Pics of Fairy Tale Architecture From Norway

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For many people fairy tales are not real. Everything about them is made up and have no representation of the reality of things. In Norway that is not true. Everything there seems to hold the origins of many of the fairy tales we know. The architecture is a dead give away of Norway’s influence on fairy tales. Buildings and landscapes are majestic and sometimes hard to believe. Everywhere you go in Norway, it is like you are in a fairy tale. Here are some structures that will make you think that you are in a fairy tale world.

Borgund Stave Church The Borgund Stave Church doesn’t look like a regular church. It has some features of a church but it is a marvel due to the fact that it is so old. Ran and protected by the Society for the Preservation of Ancient Norwegian Monuments, it is one of 28 extant stave churches. It was built between 1180 and 1250 AD and is also the best preserved one. It now functions as a museum.

Barn In Valldal Barn in Norway hold significant importance for one reason or another. There are so many of them that the beauty of the structures may go unnoticed. A barn in Valldal, Norway catches the attention of most tourist who come across it. It looks like a building from a fable. In 1885, Lars Petter Olsen Valldal completed the barn. Then he spent seven years building this functional and beautiful barn bridge that you won’t see any where else in the world.

Renndølsetra Is one of two cabins occupied by the Norwegian Mountain Touring Association. Renndølsetra is located in Innerdalen, a valley that is Norways first nature reserve. It is the perfect place to see the mystical sight of Innerdalstarnet, a mountain that could easily be the setting of many folklore and fairy tales. Many mountain climbers visit this area and cabin in hopes to create their own stories.

Ancient Road Vindhellavegen “Stairway to heaven” or “highway to heaven” are common phrases that describe someones ascension to the other side or the after life. There are few physical representations of these phrases, but the Ancient Road Vindhellavegen is as close to a highway to heaven you can get. There isn’t much information on this path way located in Burgund, Norway, and that makes it even more mythical. You can create your own fairy tale about it.

Bridge Over Låtefossen Waterfall There are a lot of bridges that are grand in scale and are considered land marks, but none are as beautiful as the bridge over Låtefossen Waterfall. It looks as if humans had nothing to do with its construction. It fits perfectly with its surroundings. It is located in Hordaland County, Norway and is a stone bridge with six arches that allow water to flow freely threw them. It is apart of Norwegian National Road 13. If you ever wondered what a magical water fall would like, just put this bridge over it and there you have it.

Under The Aurora The Aurora Borealis also known as the Northern Lights is a natural phenomenon that captivates all who are privileged to see it. In the photo the lights stretch over a post. It is too small to he a house, for a human at least. In a fairy tale this could be the home of a dwarf or hobbit. Again, their is not much information on this location other than it is in Norway, so you can make up your own story about.

Vøringfossen Waterfall In Norway The Vøringfossen Waterfall in Eidfjord, Norway between Oslo and Bergen. It is a plunge water fall, meaning that water falls straight down. It has a drop of 535 feet. The name of the waterfall Vøringfossen means “esteemed waterfall”, which makes it seem as if it is important. It is not much of a tourist attraction due to how dangerous it is, but there is and old hotel built at the top of the waterfall for those who dare.

Natural Swimming Pool In The Forest This is not a common sight in Norway, which makes this natural swimming pool even more fairy tale like. It is located in Oslo, Norway. It is rumored that it was built and occupied by a wealthy family. The pool is in the middle of a stream so fresh water continuously run in. It looks like a setting where wood nymphs could be found frolicking.

Fjord Houses There is a certain peacefulness that comes with living on the country side. There aren’t too many people to deal with. The air is fresh and there is a lot of room for you to do whatever it is you want to do. The residents who once occupied these fjord houses must have enjoyed everything the landscape had to offer.

Lake Bondhus Lake Bondus is a beautiful scene. The lake sits in front of the Bondhus Glacier, Bondhusbreen. The lake is in Folgefonna National Park. It feels like it has ancient and mystical powers within its green water. Lake Bondhus easily could have been a setting for a scene in The Game of Thrones. The lake is 2 miles long and 3,609 feet deep. I guess still water do run deep.

Fairy House In Hunderfossen, Lillehammer Hunderfossen is home of Hunderfossen Familiepark. Here is where fairy tales are kept alive. You will meat Kings and Queens, Princes and Princessess, as well as trolls and other characters from old Norwegian folk stories. The main attraction of the park is the Fairy House. It is a 121 foot castle that only can exist in a fairy tale world. Day or night the fairy House is a sight to see.

Fisherman Hut, Undredal In a lot of fairy tales there is a fisherman. Whether he is the main character, the father of the main character, or just a small part of the story, the fisherman is a popular fairy tale character. If you ever imagined where a fairy tale fisherman lived I’m pretty sure it was close to this fisherman’s hut. It is small and cozy, and sits by the water, ideal for any fisherman.

Fairy Tale House In Norwegian Woods There is another Fairy tale House in the woods of Norway. This one is not as grand as the one in Hunderfossen, but it is unique in structure. This little cottage seems to have been here for a while considering the ivy covered walls and the weather worn wood panels. It is still standing and it seems to be empty now. It makes you wonder who once lived here.

At the end of the world, Tjome  Tjome is an Norwegian island of the coast. It is alive with fisherman and tourist activity. Tjome has great weather in the summer which attracts its residents and visitors it its beaches. That’s how it earned its nickname, Sommerøya, the summer island. The fairy tale part of the island is at the southern tip, which is properly named World’s End. When looking at the vast ocean from that point you could truly believe that the world ends at that point.

Dalen Hotel  The Dalen Hotel opened in 1894. It is often called the Fairy tale Hotel due to its luxurious reputation. It was designed by architect Haldor Larsen Børve, who used elements of National Romanticism and Dragestil or “Dragon-style” architecture. The Dalen Hotel has a long history, including hosting Nazi officers, royals like King Oscar II of Sweden and King Leopold II of Belgium, and almost falling to ruin after WWII. If you are lucky, you could book a room here to share as part of your own fairy tale.


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