13 Pictures That Prove Australia Is the Craziest

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Australia has a rather whacky reputation. Visitors tend to think that Australians are somewhat crazy for even living in Australia. After all, this is a place where even seemingly harmless native creatures can and do kill people. You may want to come there just to see some of them. The following pictures help illustrate exactly the kinds of animals you might see should you go here.

1. In this picture a very large python has been caught eating a nearly as large bat. Pythons are a common sight on the continent and extremely dangerous as they are easily provoked and will strike back when mad.

2. Here’s another picture demonstrating just how dangerous it can be to live here. An apparently harmless swimming hole that looks quite inviting carries a very scary warning letting swimmers know that they can get amoebic meningitis should the water temperature rise above a certain level.

3. You think you have hail? This is Australian sized hail with bits and pieces literally about the size of golf balls. You do not want to be out in this stuff.

4. That pretty piece of what appears to be coral on the floor of the local lake or ocean that you want to see a little closer? It’s not coral at all but rather a really nasty fish called a stonefish that can cause serious danger should you accidentally step on it.

5. Australia is also home to many other lovely creatures. Unfortunately, such creatures are often quite dangerous and even deadly. The marbled cone snail may look really nice on the outside with its lovely colors but it has a nasty sting should you come near it. The venom they carry can easily kill you.

6. Octopuses are food in much of the rest of the world. In Australia, they’re some of the most dangerous creatures on the planet. This blue-ringed octopus is very pretty to look it. But don’t come close to it. They are only species of this kind that is has venom. In fact, the venom is not only poisonous, there is no antivenom meaning there’s nothing they can do to treat you.

8. This is an Irukandji jellyfish. Looks like a tiny little nothing, right? Not so fast. This little thing is actually a terrifying creatures. Despite being the smallest jellyfish in the world, they are most venomous of all box jellyfish. You do not want to come near them or you will be in great pain. If they sting you, you will need to get medical help as soon as possible.

9. This is another example of native wildlife you do not want to come near at any time. The cassowary is a large species of bird that is native to Australia. It looks really pretty but don’t go near it as this picture shows. The bird can easily attack and greatly harm a human being as this picture clearly demonstrates.

10. Giant earthworms abound here. While one of the few creatures in the country that won’t actually kill you, they are rather disgusting when seen up close. The earthworms help provide food for the other Aussie creatures and nourish the soil here.

11. Flies are also everywhere here in Australia as this picture demonstrates. What would be tiny and relatively harmless creatures in much of the world are often seen here in large swarms that can alight on clothing and then crawl into a person’s body parts including their ears and mouths. So much for a nice walk outside.

12. Here we see an entire bucket full of what are called funnel-web spiders. The funnel-web spiders were found at a camping site by the dozens. Be sure to avoid going near them should you visit Australia. While the bite an antivenom thankfully, a bite from the spider can still cause you all kinds of very unpleasant sensations.

13. Crocodiles are everywhere in the country as this specimen wrapped in duct tape illustrates. These are not pets that you can go over and admire. An enormous crocodile like this one can easily kill anyone should you be so unfortunate as to get any closer.


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