13 Things Flight Attendants Never Tell You

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Have ever been on a flight and wondered what your flight attendant is really thinking? Maybe, maybe not, but perhaps you should. Here are 13 things your flight attendant is thinking but would never tell you. Most of this stuff is common sense if people would just stop for a minute and put themselves in the flight attendant’s shoes.

1. You Are Not the Only One on the Flight
Believe it or not, you are not alone on the flight so don’t do things that could offend or disturb others. Please, no overly loud conversations with your flight-mate, no snoring, and please, no personal under the blanket business with your significant other that should be reserved for the bedroom!

2. Think About What You Will Need on a Flight Before You Arrive
Come on people. If you require an inhaler, bring one so the flight attendant doesn’t have to try and beg one off another passenger who did come prepared. If you are flying with a baby, bring diapers, so the flight attendant doesn’t have to try to make you a diaper out of a pillowcase. If you take medication, bring it so the flight attendant doesn’t have to attempt to perform any type of medical assistance; they are not doctors.

3. Don’t Push and Shove to Try and Get Down the Aisle Faster
In case you hadn’t noticed, no matter how hard you push and shove or how persistent you are, the speed in which people get on and off the plane isn’t going to go any faster so why bother?

4. Stop Cramming Your Bag Into a Full Overhead Bin
OK Mr. Obvious, you can see the bin is full so do you really think shoving your carry-on into that three-inch space and leaving the end hanging out so that it won’t shut is really going to be allowed? NO! So don’t do it.

5. Flight Attendants Don’t Have A Love Interest in Every City
Contrary to popular belief, flight attendants are not loose, wild and wooly and they certainly don’t have a love interest in every city. In fact, the average age of a flight attendant in this day and age is 44. Yep! Believe it!

6. Unfortunately, There Are Plenty of Passengers Who Are Extremely Rude
Hopefully you are not one of these people, but there are plenty who are extremely rude and treat flight attendants like their personal servant then reward their kind service with cursing, cruel words and actions. Pllleeease, is that really necessary?

7. Do You Know What Your Kids Are Doing?
If you are traveling with kids and you keep hearing bells ringing, please check to see what your kids are up to, because all those bells you hear could be one of them playing with the flight attendant call button.

8. There’s No Trick to Opening the Lavatory Door
This one isn’t entirely your fault, especially if you don’t travel very often, but getting the lavatory door to open isn’t all that hard. All you have to do is push it and it will open. A flight attendant has to answer the question “how do you open the lavatory door?” hundreds of times every single day. Yikes!

8. Bring a Pen
If you are traveling internationally, you know there are immigration forms you will have to fill out so why didn’t you bring a pen? You wouldn’t believe how many people don’t. The flight attendants don’t mind carrying a few pens to help you out, but they can’t carry hundreds of them around.

9. Can’t You See the Aisle is Full?
If you need to use the bathroom and you see the flight attendants are in the middle of a service, please, can’t you try and hold it for just a few minutes? It’s impossible for you to get past a serving cart in the middle of a 12-inch aisle. So unless it’s an emergency, please wait.

10. Flight Attendants Are Not Pin Cushions
Please be respectful and don’t poke or grab a flight attendant. Not only is it rude, but it could also be hurtful. If you need to get their attention, please use the flight attendant call button.

11. Why Not Be Courteous?
Flight attendants greet you and wish you well at the beginning and end of each flight, please don’t ignore them when speak to you. Is it really that hard to look them in the eye and give them a sincere thank you for their service?

12. Flight Attendants Have Rules Too
Don’t accuse your flight attendants of being rude or lazy if they don’t lift your bags into the overhead bins for you. For safety reasons, the airline rules don’t allow them to lift your luggage; however, they can assist you if you need help.

13. Use Common Sense
If you can see the flight attendants are in the middle of a service or you hear them paging for a doctor and are obviously trying to handle a medical emergency, please don’t ask for a blanket or anything else that could wait, someone’s life might depend on it.


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