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Everyone wishes to travel and see the world. Some people make it a life mission to see as much of the world as possible. A lot of people don’t get to go to the places they would like to. Reasons vary from not having the money, to being to busy at work, or not having someone to go on the adventure with. If you would like to create a travel bucket list, but don’t know where to begin, don’t fret, I got you covered. The following is a list of activities and places you can enjoy before you get too old to do them. Some of them are cost efficient and are get up and go adventures, other may take a little planning.

Hiking a Volcano and Walking on a Fried Lava Field in Hawaii Remember all those earth science classes you took about volcanoes and lava rocks while in school? Why not go see the real thing? Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is the perfect place to bring those science textbook photos to life. Not only will you get the chance to drive right up to the caldera, there’s also the opportunity to walk inside the Thurston Lava Tube, no longer an active part of the volcano, that allows you to walk 1/3 mile inside Kilauea where lava once flowed a few hundred years ago. It’s $10 per vehicle that enters the park, or $5 per individual if you enter by foot, bicycle, or motorcycle.

Zorbing in New Zealand A few years ago America was introduced to zorbing on the television show The Amazing Race. Zorbing is the art of rolling and bouncing down a hill while inside a giant, hamster-wheel-like plastic ball contraption. Zorbing started in New Zealand and has actually turned into a small sport. It’s an adrenaline junkie’s dream come true. Zorbing has been popular since 1997 and is definitely one of those “only in New Zealand” types of experiences to write home about. You have two options: Zydro, a sort of water-ride version of zorbing, and Zorbit, the dry version.

Zip Lining Over Alligators in St. Augustine, Florida Thrill seekers will love this. While regular zip lining may already give you an adrenaline rush, there’s nothing quite like zip lining and completing an aerial obstacle course over a park full of crocodiles, alligators, and hundreds of other reptiles. At Crocodile Crossing in St. Augustine you can do just that. Everything is totally safe. You are trained by the experts before you go about how all the ropes and pulley systems work, and even get to do a small practice zip line before you set off on your adventure. Choose from the 45-minute long Sepik River Course that takes you 20 feet up and gives you three zip lines to go through, or the longer, higher, 90-minute Nile River Course, an aerial obstacle course 60 feet above the park that takes you through a total of nine zip lines.

Custer State Park Custer State Park is located just an hour’s drive south of Mount Rushmore and is one of those places where reaching it is half the fun. There are plenty of twisting mountain roads, gorgeous views, and incredible wildlife encounters to keep you on your toes. One of those wildlife encounters may be a herd of buffalo walking in front of our car causing a pleasant delay in your travels. Once inside the park, it is suggested that you spend the night camping in the South Dakota wilderness or visit one of the Custer State Park Resorts. The Game State Lodge is the starting point for Buffalo Safari Jeep Tours, a way to get up close and personal with the parks wildlife.

Dog-sledding in Canada If you ever had a dog as a pet when you were younger I’m sure you would hitch it up to a sled like ride and pretend to rush through the snow. Now that you are an adult you can revisit that fond memory in a grand way. In Canada you can explore the wilderness via dog-sledding. At outfitters like Pourvoirie Mekoos in Mont-Laurier, you’ll get to meet the dogs before you ride along with or drive the dog-sledding team. Depending on what season you’re visiting in, you can choose from hunting, fishing, hiking, mountain biking, volleyball, bird watching, berry picking, and nature hikes.

Machu Picchu One of the most popular bucket list spots on almost everyone’s list is Machu Picchu. This mystical land was once ruled by the ancient Inca tribes of Peru. It’s definitely a trip you have to plan ahead for. The airfare is pretty expensive but once you get there the trip is affordable. G Adventures have several guided trips to Machu Picchu. You can choose to take on the four-day Inca Trail hike or simply take the train to the top.

Visit the Great Wall of China Another must-do bucket list item is taking a trip to the Great Wall of China. A lot of people wish to walk, run or ride a bike on the Great Wall of China. It is truly a marvel to witness in person. If you think it will cost too much, China Spree has a package to Beijing from San Francisco, L.A., Houston, or New York City, starting at $888 per person for an eight-day trip including round-trip airfare. It has six nights accommodations in a four-star hotel, an extensive sightseeing program including a guided day-trip to the Great Wall.

A Hot Air Balloon Ride in Albuquerque Hot air ballooning is a fun bucket list activity and can be a romantic trip. In Albuquerque hot air ballooning is a way of life. Rainbow Ryders operates out of Albuquerque and Phoenix. You can watch the intricate process that takes place as the enormous balloon is inflated and set up by the team before taking off on your 3.5-hour epic adventure high above the city. A special treat the Albuquerque crew likes to do is called a “splash and dash.” The balloon is lowered onto the surface of the Rio Grande, briefly skims the surface, floats along the river, and dashes back up to the height it just came from.

A Scenic Train Ride Through the Alaska Wilderness
Many may think that Alaska is just snow and ice. It actually is a natural marvel. The Alaska Railroad is where you can see the great Alaskan Wilderness. It’s a good idea to travel during May and September months, to make your trip more affordable and experience the destination when crowds and temperatures are more tolerable. Alaska Railroad offers a variety of vacation deals, but the basic package is sufficient. It is a five-day adventure available June through September each year. Upon arrival in Anchorage, you’ll spend the night in town, giving you a chance to explore the area, visit local sites like the Anchorage Museum, or go for a scenic walk along the Tony Knowles Coastal trail. Next, you’ll ride the rails of the Denali Star Train from Anchorage to Talkeetna and spend the night in rustic cabins surrounded by the spectacular Alaskan wilderness before continuing the next day to Denali.

Snorkeling Australia’s Great Barrier Reef The world’s largest coral reef definitely deserves a spot on your adventures bucket list. Keep an eye out for airline sales to Australia to help with the cost of this trip. Remember, if it’s fall up here, it’s spring down under. After securing a flight, pick a travel package that best fits you. The East Coast Encompassed: Sydney to Cairns is one of the best. This 17-day joyride up the eastern coast of Australia includes a tour of the Hunter Valley winery with a wine tasting, a chance to pan for gold at a working mine, time to explore Yuraygir National Park and Byron Bay, a hippie surfer’s paradise. You’ll get to see Australia’s Gold Coast, visit Brisbane and Fraser Island, and snorkel the Great Barrier Reef, along with more activities.

Visit Cuba-Legally About a year ago you would not have been able to visit Cuba, legally at least. The U.S. and Cuba were not on good term and the U.S. put an embargo on Cuba. Recently tensions have started to die down between us two. It’s still not completely open to American tourist but there are ways to see Cuba. You must be part of a religious organization, educational group, or people-to-people guided tour to visit Cuba. Friendly Planet Travel offers several packages that include chartered flights from Miami, all transfers and transportation within the country, accommodations, extensive cultural people-to-people experiences with the locals, guided tours, and best of all, all the visas and paperwork necessary to visit Cuba.

Go Back to Africa A trip to Africa should be on everyone’s travel list. It is the birthplace of all civilizations. There is a lot to see and do in Africa. One of the most popular things to do in Africa is going on a safari. Journey through the plains of Africa to see the abundace of wildlife. You can hike up Kilamanjaro or relax on a beach. Go visit the many historical landmarks in Egypt. Africa is full of wonders that you can tell you friends and family about.

Visit Italy and Go Back in Time  The joy of Italy is that you are swept off your feet into the wonders of the past. There’s no avoiding it. The architecture, the art, even the infrastructure of the cities are reminiscent of it’s past. To really submerge yourself in the historical surroundings of Italy, find a costume to go with it, like these guys. There are plenty or renaissance fairs and festivals, you would fit in.

See the Northern Lights Famed journalist, author and travel extraordinaire, Nigel Tisdall once said, “The northern lights are one of nature’s greatest displays: a mysterious, multicolored show in which the night sky is suddenly lit up with a wondrous glow that twists and swirls like a heavenly lava lamp.” With that one quote the northern lights, scientifically called aurora borealis, is a natural phenomena that only few get to see in person. It is predominantly seen in the Arctic and Antarctic regions.

Explore the temples of Angkor Angkor, Cambodia is riddled with majestic temples. Some still used and others abandoned. Either way it is a place that is appealing to the eye. The painting and carvings on the wall of the temples tell an interesting story of its earliest inhabitants. Angor Wat is the larget religous temple in the world. You don’t have to be a spirital person to visit the temple and to appreciate its structure and art.


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