15 Celebs That Only Fly Private

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The lifestyles of the rich and famous can be very enticing. People see celebrities on the red carpet at movie premiers, and award shows, then in the same day they may see them in a completely different country. Being a celebrity means being on the move constantly. The airport is a second or third home to most celebs. Some celebrities find it much better to travel privately. That way they can avoid long security lines and the paparazzi. Check out the list of celebrities who have their own means of aerial transportation.

Donald Trump  When you have as much money in your bank account as Donald Trump then you can travel in style too. Trump is known for being a real estate tycoon and has multiple million dollar properties all over the world. This is where a luxury private jet comes into play. The iconic billionaire has been a proud owner of a Boeing 727-23 luxury aircraft for more than two decades. This luxury business jet can accommodate 23 passengers and comes with a master bedroom with a queen size bed, a dining area, and conference rooms. This particular Boeing 727-23 has features like leather armchairs, gold plated seatbelt buckles, as well as Waterford crystal lamps. The 30 foot long jet is a statement with Trump’s logo visible with 23 carat gold livery.

Jimmy Buffet Singer, songwriter, and actor Jimmy Buffet owns the Grumman HU-16 Albatross, dubbed “Hemisphere Dancer.” Over the years this jet has reached legendary status and has now been officially retired from service. Purchased in 1990, Buffet has invested a lot of time and money in the restoration and maintenance of this vintage aircraft. The “Hemisphere Dancer” made headlines in the year 1996, when it was shot at by Jamaican police who suspected the plane of smuggling drugs. This led to the creation of the popular Buffet song, ‘Jamaica Mistaica’. The “Hemisphere Dancer” is currently set on display at Margaritaville in Orlando, Florida.

Mark Cuban  Mark Cuban is the owner of the Dallas Mavericks, Landmark Theaters, and the chairman of the HDTV cable. He is also one of the investors on the hit television show Shark Tank. With all of those businesses to run I’m sure he has clocked in some major air miles. Mark Cuban gets to fly to and  from different states and countries on a modified Boeing 767-277 that was designed and developed by Boeing Commercial Airplanes. It serves as a luxury private jet of business magnate and investor. It features luxurious interiors along with some impressive high performance figures. If you are interested in getting a jet similar to Mark Cuban’s it will run you close to $144 million.

President Barack Obama  President Obama has one of the most famous private jets ever.  Air Force One provides aerial transportation for the world’s most powerful man, the President of The United States. Before January 2015 a Boeing VC-25 was the type of plane used to carry the President. Now, Air Force One has been up graded to the Boeing 747-8. The front of the aircraft has been converted into the aesthetics of the White House, where the Presidential suite is composed of beds, a shower, a vanity, a double sink, and a private office, which is equivalent to the Oval Office. Air Force One carries a full medical crew, while being fully stocked with essential supplies and raw food materials. As far as security is concerned, Air Force One features some of the most state of the art attack countermeasures, encrypted as well as non-encrypted communication lines and has been designed to be shielded from the devastating effects of an electromagnetic pulse (EMP), such as the ones generated during a nuclear detonation.

Elvis Presley Elvis Presley purchased a Convair 800 in 1975 and the brand has been synonymous with luxury aircraft ever since. Nothing but the best for the King of Rock n Roll. Presley named his jet “Lisa Marie” and its interiors were re-designed by a team of highly talented designers who had previously worked on the Air Force One. At the request of The King, the “Lisa Marie” was turned into an epitome of flying luxury. The seating capacity was reduced to 28 seats and a series of sleeping quarters were installed. “Lisa Marie” was also given a majestic master bedroom that came with a queen size bed, while the executive bathroom featured faucets made of gold along with a gold washbasin. The “Lisa Mari” cost $600,000.

Bill Gates Co-founder and chairman of Microsoft Corporation, Bill Gates is best known for his unsurpassed genius and philanthropist activities. As one of the world’s richest men and a high profile celebrity, it is without a doubt that Gates has to travel far and wide. For his travels, Bill Gates has one of the best luxury private jets in the world, a Bombardier BD-700 Global Express. Being that Gates made his fortune off being an innovator in the technology industry, his aircraft also known as the Global 5000 carries the best of aviation technology. The BD-700 has a wingspan of 94 feet and has maximum service ceiling of 51,000 feet. The BD-700 can achieve a maximum speed of Mach 1 allowing Gates to arrive at his destination in no time. This jet runs about $40 million.

Harrison Ford Harrison Ford, became an iconic name with the success of the Indiana Jones series and the Star Wars movie series. He is not only a great actor, but he is also renowned for his piloting skills. Anybody who is licensed to pilot a plane and has as much money as Harrison Ford’s, definitely should have their own aircraft to fly in. When Ford is not in front of the cameras he’s in the sky doing aerial maneuvers in his CJ3 Citation Jet. The jet can climb to a service ceiling of 45,000 feet. and reach a maximum speed of 481 mph. The jet even comes with its very own refreshment center.


Oprah Winfrey  One of the biggest celebrities in the world is Oprah Winfrey. Oprah is known for her philanthropy and for being a formidable force in the media industry being known of the best talk show host in the history of television and creating and owning a television network. Oprah takes care of her travel needs in style, with the acquisition of a Global Express XRS VIP business jet. Ideal for handling business while in the sky, XRS has been infused with higher cruise speed, increased range as well as improved cabin layout and lighting. The XRS variant owned by Oprah was custom designed by Bombardier Aerospace, where the seating has been limited to only ten passengers, while making room for other in-flight luxury amenities. $42 million is the price tag for this private jet.

John Travolta One of the most famous names in Hollywood, John Travolta, is more that just an actor, but also a pilot. For aviation thrills John Travolta owns and flies a modified Boeing 707-138 passenger aircraft, which the actor acquired in 1998 from Australian carrier, Qantas. He changed the registration of the aircraft to N707JT “707 Jett Clipper Ella”, wherein Jett and Ella represent the names of his son and daughter. John Travolta, is also an honorary pilot at Qantas Airways and brought the aircraft to Australia in the year 2002 to participate in the Qantas Spirit of Friendship Tour. Soon after, he began his thirteen city tour, piloting the 707 and covered an astounding 35,000 miles. As Mr. Travolta is the Ambassador-At-Large for Qantas, his 707-138 has been given original Qantas “V-Jet” livery paintwork.

Jim Carrey  Jim Carrey is the funny man of Hollywood, but he is serious about how he travels. Jim Carrey is an avid aviation enthusiasts, which is evident when you see the luxury private jet that he owns. The Gulfstream V is the aircraft that Jim boards to go wherever he chooses. With a highly experienced crew of two and advanced state of the art avionics, the Gulfstream V is one of the highest performance and safety intensive private jets in the world. This magnificent aircraft can accommodate up to 16 passengers and can reach the speed of sound. Jim Carrey is currently offering his Gulfstream V as a charter model, where interested individuals can take a ride in the aircraft for $8,000 an hour. The aircraft cost $59 million.

Tom Cruise  Tom Cruise is always doing stunts that involve him falling from towering buildings, climbing mountains and in his new film he will be hanging from a plane as it takes off. Doing so many aerial stunts it’s safe to say that Cruise is at home in the air. Being the owner of a private jet could have that effect on you. Cruise owns a Gulfstream IV that was designed and developed by Gulfstream Aerospace. It is considered to be one of the finest private jets and is a proud asset of Tom Cruise. This magnificent business jet is manned by a crew of two and can accommodate the Top Gun and Mission Impossible star and up to 18 other passengers in extreme comfort.

Iron Maiden  Iron Maiden is one of the last touring rock bands from the 80’s. A band with international fame, they travel all over the world to perform. Getting to these performances is no problem for these guys. Iron Maiden vocalist, Bruce Dikinson is a licensed pilot. The band owns a plane dubbed Flight 666. Flight 666 is a Boeing 757 that has enough room for the band the crew and the equipment.

Roman Abramovich The sky’s the limit for Russian billionaire, the owner of the Chelsea Football Club, Roman Abramovich. The paint job alone for his private jet costs $53,722. This Boeing 767-300 jet has the same air missile avoidance system as the Air Force One, plus room for 30 seated dining guests on board, luxury bathrooms, a boardroom and a master bed room. The plane is known as “The Bandit” is said to be one of the safest aircraft in the world and is most often seen parked at the Harrods Aviation facility at Stansted Airport, near London. Abramovich paid $83,600,00 for the jet.

Tiger Woods Tiger Woods has racked up over 10 major championship golf wins and an estimated fortune of over $1 billion. Tiger Woods can now jet off to any course in the world on a whim, thanks to his Gulfstream G550. The game G550 cabin is known for its luxury design, great light and views through the wide oval windows. The G550 has the efficiency to fly over 12,000 km nonstop for more than 12 hours, can comfortably fit 18 passengers and reaches altitudes of up to 51,000 feet making it a great jet to have for long and short flights.

Tyler Perry  Tyler Perry is an actor, producer, director and playwright with a true rags to riches story. Once a homeless man, Perry now is the owner of multiple mansions, luxury cars private islands, a private jet. Perry uses the Gulfstream III to travel back and forth to his homes and islands. His private jet is equipped with a 42-inch HD LCD screen, Blu-ray players, satellite TV, theater lighting, iPod docking stations and electronically controlled window shades, among other amenities. Perry’s jet also features a compact kitchen and conference hall.


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