15 Cities With the Best Food Trucks

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Food trucks are rapidly popping up all over the United States and with good reason. Going to a restaurant can be frustrating,  you’re surrounded by loud, obnoxious people, and you have to wait for a seat. Food trucks are a simple solution to these problems. Food trucks are creative with the food they serve and their appearance. Meals on wheels is the way to go. It provides great food and you don’t have to spend much of your time being unproductive. If you want to know where you should go to experience the best food trucks, just keep reading.

Atlanta, GA Atlanta is fairly new to the food truck scene but that’s what makes it a great place to catch a mobile meal. Atlanta is a city with many restaurants of all different varieties. Now it has food trucks that serve all types of foods. One of the most popular food trucks is King of Pops. A truck that sell nothing but pop sicles with the normal flavors and some unique choices. During the summer you can spot the trucks on the road. The Food Truck Park on Howell Mill Road is open 5 pm -9 pm on Thursday, 11 am-9 pm on Friday, 11 am-10 pm on Saturday and 12 pm-7 pm on Sunday.

Austin, TX Austin is often overshadowed by Dallas and Houston, but it has its own little charm. Apart of Austin’s appeal is its food trucks. You can find a food truck almost in any parking lot, or on any sidewalk. They serve everything form barbecue to Mexican food, and even cupcakes. One of the most notable food trucks in Austin is Via 313. Usually located on 61 Rainey St., behind Craft Pride or 1111 East 6th, in front of Violet Crown Social Club. Originally from Detroit, this truck serves up square shaped, Mo-town style pies.

Boston, MA The first trucks hit the streets of Boston in July 2011. Since then food trucks have become a beloved addition to the city’s dining scene. Boston’s unique dining specialties include clam chowder which you can find at almost every restaurant in the city. The food trucks have it too. One of the most prominent food trucks in Boston takes a simple childhood favorite and puts a delicious spin on it. Roxy’s Grilled Cheese food truck puts together unheard of grilled cheese combinations, like the guacamole and bacon filled Green Muenster Melt.

Chicago, Il Chicago is home to many different type of food trucks. Of course there are plenty of food trucks that sell the Chicago staple, the polish sausage, but there are other trucks that cater more to your sweet tooth. Trucks like Beaver Donuts, Cupcake Gangstas, and Cupcakes for Courage give you that sugar fix you’re looking for. One of the most famous trucks on the scene can be found at Hype Park. The Fat Shallot serves up made-to-order sandwiches and sides. Try the pretzel bun salami sandwich.

Dallas, TX Food trucks are not only known for their food but also for their creative names. Easy Slider food truck is Dallas is an example. A play on the title of the song “Easy Rider”. This truck makes some of the most unique and original sliders you will ever see. Using Angus beef patties, the ladies at Easy Slider build baby burgers like the Sweet & Lowdown, which sports a strawberry jam-goat cheese-bacon combo. This truck sets the tone for the Dallas food truck scene.

Denver, CO Since Colorado is one of the most recent states to legalize recreational marijuana use, I can only imagine how many people with the munchies flock to the food trucks there. Denver seems to have the best food trucks in the state. The top of the pick in Denver is Queiro Arepas, a truck that slings out a Venezuelan-inspired dish called arepa. Arepas are corn based cakes that are stuffed with an awesome array of fillings.

LA, California LA is the queen city of food trucks. You can spot one around every corner. LA has a very wide variety of food trucks, ranging from the greasiest to the vegan-iest. Kogi is a food truck that everyone in LA talks about and can always be seen, because they have four truck roaming the streets. Kogi is a fusion food truck combining Korean and Mexican foods. Dishes include short rib tacos, spicy pork burritos and a sriracha candy bar.

Miami, FL Miami is a place with plenty of restaurants that have patios that allow you to dine under the blue sky. Yet the food trucks still make a killing. Miami is still a young city when it comes to the food truck industry. The most popular food truck in Miami is called GastroPod Mobile Gourmet. The truck is a customized 1962 airstream. The menu here is always changing so what you see one week may not be there the next.

Minneapolis, MN Everyone can appreciate a good hot dog. That’s Natedog’s food truck’s motto. Found in Minneapolis, Natedog’s serves wieners and brats the have a fresh snap when you bite into them. You can get your hot dog topped with a choice of scratch-made beer mustard, relishes, and caramelized onions. Minneapolis has a wide range of food trucks dishing up all meat entrees to Mexican food.

New Orleans, LA New Orleans is another foodie town that has an abundance of restaurants. The Nola has its own taste. Dishes like gumbo and jambalaya can be found in any food spot definitely the food trucks. Food trucks in New Orleans also serve up crepes and fried dough goodness known as beignets. Taceaux Loceaux is a break from the creole and French inspired cuisine and has worked its way to being a frequented food truck in New Orleans.

New York, NY New York is the one of the first cities to embrace the food truck movement. It makes sense that it would with all the busy people ripping and running the streets. Stopping at a restaurant in New York is not easy sometimes and that’s why food trucks are successful here. One of the most famous food trucks her is the family owned El Olomega. They serve Salvadoran pupusas.

Philadelphia, PA Philly is world famous for it’s cheese steaks, but that’s not the only thing you should eat while in the city of brotherly love. The food truck scene is exploding in Philly. One of the most sought after trucks in the city is Mac Mart Truck. This is American comfort food at its finest. You can grab a bowl of mac and cheese with add-ins like BBQ chicken, cornbread crumbles, fried onions and more.

Portland, OR Back on the west coast, in a city that is not in California, food trucks are making a name for them selves. Portland, Oregon has been a hidden gem for a while and is starting to shine bright. The food truck scene is the one of the reasons for that. Among the sea of food trucks the People’s Pig stands out for it’s house-made porchetta, carved thick and placed on a bun packed with arugula and drizzled with lemon.

San Diego, CA Sunny San Diego is a great place to grab a bite to eat, sit down, and watch the trolley go by or enjoy the view of the bay. With the help of the many food trucks there this is a reality of most. MIHO Gastrotruck takes care of the people by using the freshest local ingredients to cook. Dishes like jerk pork sandwiches, grass-fed beef burgers, fried chicken biscuits, and bacon/chocolate chip cookies will keep you on the hunt for this truck.

Seattle, WA Seattle is trying to get rid of the taste of defeat after the heartbreaking Super Bowl lost to the New England Patriots. The food trucks in this city can help with that. To find some of the best creole cuisine in Seattle find Where Ya at Matt food truck. After digging into the traditional dishes like jambalaya, gumbo, and shrimp & grits, the perpetual rain doesn’t seem that bad.


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