15 Devastatingly Hilarious Travel Tweets

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Twitter has developed into something monumental in society and culture. Almost everyone with internet access and a smart phone has a Twitter account. It has become a way to connect and network with people you cannot regularly visit. It is a way for some people to share their thoughts and tell stories. It is all a treasure chest of jokes and other content that will make you laugh. Twitter seems to be one of the main social media outlets for people who love to travel. You can post pictures and videos to your timeline for friends and family to see. You can also document you travels with a series of tweets. One of the best ways to document you trip on Twitter is to make it humorous. The following people shared their traveling experiences in a hilarious way.

Trips You Can Remember Are Boring One traveler who was going to Ireland was looking forward to coming back home with no clue of what she did while on vacation. @Katefeetie tweeted “Getting up at 4 AM to fly to Ireland and visit a Guinness factory. Beacause remembering vacations is lame, that’s why.” We known the soul purpose of this vacation is to party. Hopefully she did take pictures to look back on.

TSA Grope Traveling is one of the greatest joys a person can experience, but it can be tainted by many things. Delayed or cancelled flights, lost luggage and TSA are some of the things that can make traveling a hassle. For Meaghan O’Connell, TSA got a little too friendly when she tried to go through security. I’m guessing she was chosen for a “random” security check which led her to tweet, “Thanks TSA, I haven’t been touched like that since prom night.”

Mysterious Drool Depending on your destination, flying is the best and quickest way to get there. While on the plane it can get boring and one of the best things to do to make the flight go by quicker is sleep. You may be lucky enough to find an open seat, just don’t be like Rafael Torres. Torres tweeted “Guy next to me on the plane woke up and is wiping the drool off his shirt. Now may be a good time to tell him I drooled all over his shirt.” That’s just nasty.

Lube or Hand Sanitizer Julieanne Smolinski, who goes by @BoobsRadley on Twitter, is a frequent contributor to GQ magazine. Majority or her articles are about sex, which would make her some sort of “sex-pert.” She obviously got her knowledge by participating in the horizontal tango a few times or more. She tweeted out a valuable tip to her followers one time regarding hand sanitizer and lubrication. “PSA: travel-sized lube & hand sanitizer are virtually indistinguishable! You should know this before you offer either to strangers.”

Stuck With The Car Radio Going on vacation by car can still be fun. If you have the right people, snacks and music, a road trip could be very pleasant. Of the three things previously mentioned the music might be the most important one. Having control of what you want to hear makes the trip fun and quick. If you had an experience like Stephanie (@CcSteff) than you know why it is important. Stephanie tweeted “Driving in a radio-only rental car reveals an inexplicable and embarrassing knowledge of Celine Dion songs.”

TSA Gets Handsy Again TSA is very thorough with their checks at the airport. It could be that or they’re a bunch of perverts. The line between is very thin, especially cinsidering the amount of complaints they get for being a little too hands on. Michel LeRoux tweeted. “I’ve had entire relationships that didn’t get as far as these airport security checkpoints.”

Southwest Airlines Gets A Bad Review Frequent travelers typically have their favorite rental car service, and airline to travel with. They also have their least favorite. Actress and comedian Whitney Cummings shared her disdain for Southwest airlines in a tweet. “Southwest airlines is like my period. It hurts my back an it’s always late. ” That definitely is a bad review.

Misplaced Purse As much as people hate going through the security checkpoints at airports or having to deal with TSA, they are there to help and protect us. They rather be somewhere else too. Some people just make their job worst. I’m referring to people like famous business woman, and author, Penelope Trunk. She shared an embarrassing, but funny story on Twitter. “I scream at airport police to look on their video for the guy who just stole my purse. The video shows me putting my purse in my suitcase.”

Makings Of A Disaster Traveling in the heat is daunting. Traveling in the heat when your air conditioner is broke is frustrating. Traveling in the heat with a broken air conditioner and four kids in infuriating. Ruth Akers (@ruthakers) knows exactly how that feels. “Mile 100 of a 600 mile trip with 4 kids and my Air Conditioner just stopped working. Look for me Cops.”

Travel Size Shampoo Bottle Are A Conspiracy Conspiracy theorist are always cooking up something about how the government and corporations are controlling our every move. Stand-up comedian Max SiIvestri has a theory on why they airport policies are the way they are. “What if “terrorists” were made up by Big Pharma to get us to throw out shampoo at the airport & buy travel sizes? Follow the money, sheeple.”

Mexico Is Spain For Blondes There are stereotypes about women with blonde hair that people seem to believe. One stereotype is that blondes have more fun, and the other is that blondes are dumb. David Nussbaum, known as @theNuzzy on Twitter took advantage of those stereotypes when he took his girlfriend on vacation. “My blonde girlfriend wants to go on vacation to Spain. I saved money & booked a trip to Mexico. She’ll never notice.” I feel sorry for him if she seen this tweet.

Conan’s Holiday Traveling Solution Traveling during the Holidays is the worst. That’s a time where everyone has the same idea to go spend time with their family, making the airport the worst place to be. Late night television host Conan O’Brien came up with a solution for his family to avoid holiday traveling hassles. He shared it on Twitter. “Instead of making anyone travel for Thanksgiving, this year the O’Briens will have a tense, silent meal over Skype.”

Country and Kissing Cousins Most people have family have in the south and they are different from the rest of your family who stays in others parts of the country. Your southern relatives have a completely different way of life from most. Some how the rumor that people that live in some of the most rural parts of the country practice incest. I don’t know if that is completely true, but Jordan Peterson was prepared to find out. He goes by the Twitter handle, @dysolution and he tweeted, “Family reunion in Arkansas. Packing condoms because, you know, clichés.”

The “Thing-A-Ma-Gig” Flight attendant crews are most known for their friendly service and articulation when they give their speech. If you have ever flew on a plane before you know the “in case of an emergency” speech that is very important that the passengers hear and understand. One flight attendant for Delta airlines needed more practice. One passenger tweeted, “The delta airlines flight attendant just used the word “thing-a-Ma-gig” to describe….. oxygen mask.” I’m would feel too safe with them helping me.

Jesus Performs Miracle In First Class When flying you get to meet interesting people sometimes. They can make you travel experience pleasant or horrible. Often times it can be awkward sitting next to someone you don’t know for hours. One lady decided to make light of such a situation. She share how she broke the ice on Twitter. “There’s a guy sitting next to me on the plane that looks like Jesus Christ. Just handed him a bottle of water and said, “Merlot, please.”


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