15 Fastest Water Park Rides in the World

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Going to a water park is fun for kids and adults. Water parks are popular all over the world. They provide a fun and active way to cool down. Most water parks are outside but some are indoor, but what  makes a water park worth visiting are the rides. If you’re like me you seek thrills and riding  the wildest, most extreme water park rides is the only way to satisfy that urge. If you aren’t afraid of heights, the sight of loops and twists excite you and you have an unquenchable thirst for speed, than this list is for you.

Snake River Falls Cedar Point is an amusement park located on a Lake Erie peninsula in Sandusky, Ohio. It opened in 1870, and is the second oldest operating amusement park in the United States. Cedar Point also is the home of Snake River Falls, a shoot-the chute style water slide. The ride made its debut in 1993. It opened as the tallest and fastest water ride in the world with a drop of 80 feet and speed of 40 mph.

Perilous Plunge Knott’s Berry Farm doesn’t sound like a place you can go to enjoy a water park ride, but that’s exactly what it is. Located in Buena Park, California, it is is the 13th most visited theme park in North America. One of its 40 rides is the Perilous Plunge. This ride has a 24 passenger boat that drops from 121 feet. It takes a quick u turn before a 115 foot drop at an 77.8 degree angle, only 12.2 degrees from being a 90 degree angle going 53 mph.

Verruckt  The tallest water park ride in the world resides in Kansas City, Kansas at the Schlitterbahn Water Park. The Verruckt, which is German for insane, is 168 feet and 7 inches tall and reaches up to the top speed of 50 mph. The speed would have been more but the owner of the water park, Jeff Henry wanted to keep the weight limit for riders at a reasonable number. Schlitterbahn also has another famous up hill water ride called the Master Blaster.

Summit Plummet Summit Plummet is 120 foot tall water slide that goes 55 mph. People around the world have heard of the infamous water slide built by ProSlide. The Summit Plummet is shaped like a ski jump, which fits well with the theme of the park, named Blizzard Beach. The ride is located at Walt Disney World in Lake Buena Vista, Florida.

Isano This slide just might live up to it’s name. Insano at Beach Park water park in Brazil is a freestanding water slide. It’s 135 feet tall, towering over the trees and most of the building the surrounding area. It’s easy to get a little scared when you just as far up in the air as the Christ the Redeemer statue. Isano is a legendary ride, known around the world for clocking in speeds at 65 mph.

Kilimanjaro Kilimanjaro is the name of the tallest mountain in Africa. It is also the name of a water slide. The ride stretches upward 164 feet. Riders go an average 57 mph reaching the bottom in 5 seconds. The slide itself digs into the side of a hill to extend the flume down far enough to claim the highest drop height. Kilimanjaro’s height and speed cause 1 out of every 20 people to change their mind about riding it once they reach the top.

Spacemaker In Venezia, Italy at the Aqualandia water park there is a water slide called the Spacemaker. It’s a free fall inline raft slide, meaning you and three friend sit in a raft and go 132 feet down the slide. The drop is at a 60 degree angle and you are flying at 62 mph. It’s literally breath taking, yet most of the people who ride it manage to get a scream out. Spacemaker is one out of the 20 water slides you can choose from at Aqualandia.

Jumeirah Sceirah  Dubai is home of the tallest building in the world, so it comes as no surprise that one of the tallest and fastest water slides is there too. The Jumeirah Sceirah is the pride of Wild Wadi Water Park. It recently went under renovation and was revealed to have some modifications. It is bigger and faster with two slides. Two people are sent at once down the 393 feet slide at 50 mph. If you want an adrenaline rush ride Jumeirah Sceirah.

King Khajuna The star attraction of Spain’s Port Aventura’s Aquatic Park is King Khajuna. This water slide was named after a character in an ancient Hawaiian legend. King Khajuna is 102 foot, free fall body slide. It once held the title for being Europe’s tallest free fall slide. The 55 degree angled drop sends you to the bottom 19 feet per second. Now that’s fast.

The Devil’s Drop The Devil’s Drop is a pretty intimidating name for a water slide. Located at Aquarama in Castellon, Spain, it is 95 feet tall. The devil’s Drop brags about having the steepest slope in Europe at 62 degrees. That by it self is a little intimidating as well. The steep slope on this free fall body slide makes the rider go a little faster than what most people would like, but that’s what makes it fun.

Xpirado The Xpirado water park ride is one of the most unique rides on this list. Located in Rio Quente, Brazil, the Xpirado is one of he best rides at Hot Park. It’s one out of 20 rides, but what makes it so unique is that it has a tank of live priahnnas. It is 105 feet high, but going at 54mph will have you at the botton in seconds. Another unique trait about this water park is that every ride releases you into a hot spring.

VertiGO VertiGO was opened on August 1, 2013 at Aqualandia in Benidorm, Spain. It snatched the tile of Europe’s tallest free falling water slide from King Khajuna, beating it by six feet. VertiGO stands at 108 feet and utilizes a trap door at the beginning of the ride. Riders go 60 mph as they plunge into the pool below. There is another slide that is a little lower if you are to scared to go all the way to the top.

The Wedgie  The name is fitting for this ride, located at White Water World in Coomera, Australia. The Wedgie is a engineering marvel built by the guys at ProSlide. The ride is a 60 foot drop and last 6 seconds. That means riders are traveling 38 feet per second. Going that fast, g-forces press riders to the side of the wall as they speed through the tight 360 degree loop. The loop slows them so the pool at the end doesn’t feel like a cement wall.

Stukas Just outside of Verona, Italy there is a water park called Caneva. Caneva is home of Stukas, a 98 foot drop, trap-door free fall water slide that goes from 0 to 60 mph in less than 3 seconds, faster than any Ferrari in the world. It’s so fast that 40 percent of people chicken out after they made the 10 story climb to the top. It has the reputation of being the most terrifying water ride in Italy.

Booster Loop The Booster Loop is one of the fastest loop style slides in the world. Located at Aqua Parc near Lake Geneva in Switzerland, the Booster Loop is a trap-door free fall ride. You are encase in clear tubing from start to finish. You begin seven stories high and go 50 mph. Just a heads, you have to be at least 110 pounds to ride. The Booster Loop is not for light weights.


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