15 Hostel Nightmares

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Staying in a hostel can be a great way of traveling. It is a cheap alternative to booking a hotel. It allows you to meet other travelers, and gain unique traveling experiences that they can share with friends and family. However, staying in a hostel can have its downsides too, especially for rookie travelers and visitors who may have grown accustomed to the comforts of staying in a hotel. There are thriller and suspense movies that puts a negative light on hostels and should not be taken too serious. Then there are real situations and stories that have happend in hostel that you should be wary of. Here are some of the worst things that can happen to you at a hostel.

Too Close For Comfort  Staying at a hostel most likely means you’ll be sharing a room with other travelers. Getting to know other travelers is awesome, but sometimes it can be a very awkward aquanitance. Privacy is almost non-exsitant, so you may see, hear and smell somethings from your roommate that you could have went the rest of your life without seeing, hearing or smelling. Depending on the roommate situatuion, you may or may not get the rest that you want.

Bad Hygeine  Unlike most hotels, hostels are not always known for their cleanliness. There are endless stories of dirty bathrooms, toilets that don’t flush, unhygienic kitchens, another less then sanatary thing about a hostel. Some hostels were reported to have mold in the bathroon and in the corner of the rooms. Some of hostels are better than others so reading any reviews is advised.

Roommate Having Sex While most people would cringe at the thought of getting busy in a room full of other people, there is a surprising number of travelers who don’t have a problem with it. Anywhere with a bed has the potential to be a hook spot. In a hostel you will be able to see and hear the play-by-play action whether you want to or not. Many hostel horror stories include two people disturbing the sanctity of the room with their sexual relations.

Hostel Murder  One of the worst things to imagine at a hostel is that you are bunking with a murderer. Residents of the small town of Argoed were stunned to hear what happened in a hostel in their town. Cerys Yemm was murdered in the Sirhowy Arms Hostel. A recently-released schizophrenic, Matthew Williams is suspected of cannibal killing Yemm while the two were staying in the 15 room hostel. The manager of the hostel heard screaming and walked in on Williams covered in blood.

Hostel Hopping Rachael had a bad hostel experience while visiting Washington, DC. She arrived from New York where there was a massive snow storm. When she arrived at the hostel she planned on staying at she was told her bed had been given away to people who couldn’t get to New York cause of the storm. She then was driven to a weird guesthouse in Virginia by an even weirder old man. After she stayed there for a night she was driven to another ‘sister hostel’ back in DC for the second night. Rachel was genuinely scared for her life after her sister got into an argument with one of the permanent residents over the one computer there.

Rock and Roll All Night  Depending on your personality and your idea of fun this hostel story may be a horror or a welcomed good time. To Robin it was a horror. Sweet Peas in Asheville. NC is a hostel that is located over a pub. It just so happens to be the best pub in town and atrracts a lot of people. Robin was subject to all types of drama that was taking place in front of the pub. There was a metal concert that weekend and she and her friends didn’t sleep at all. Even after the pub shut down, the party just took to the streets where she heard fighting and vomiting as if it were in here room.

Bed Bugs Remember the hygiene thing I talked about earlier. Here is Jesse’s hostel horror story. At a hostel in Sucre, Bolivia, Jesse got bedbug bites on half of his face. Not only was he attacked by bedbugs, his friend was electrocuted, twice. Too add a cherry on top of this experience, everybody’s laundry ended up with holes and black marks that looked like burns. When Jesse and his friends complained to the staff, they just gave them blank stares and acted as if they did not understand them.

Canadian Commando Jackie D. stayed in a 25 bed hostel dorm room in Prague, with friends. On their first night there, a drunk Canadian man who used to be in the military made his presence known. Jackie describes him as massive and angry. He spent a good portion of the night yelling incoherently in his sleep and demanding that everyone else shut up or else he’ll kill them all. That’s really scary, fortunately Jackie and friends made it out live.

Shanty Town Hostel Nicole didn’t expect her hostel to be in the greatest conditions, but she did expect it to be better than what it was. On her trip to Koh Phi Phi a few days before New Years Eve, she thought her room at this little bungalow hostel a few blocks from the beach was going to be pretty decent. To her surprise it was a proper shantytown. It was crummy, with no bathrooms in the bungalow, and no air conditioning. She was invited to dinner by the neighbors. That’s when she realized that dinner was a pigeon killed by a sling shot.

Weird M&M Hostel Stay This hostel story is just weird. Stefan never stayed in a dorm before and eventually plucked up the courage to stay in a 8 bed dorm in La Paz. He only shared the room with one other person. Stefan went to sleep and got a pretty good nights rest. He woke up to M&M candies all around his bed. The only guy in his room woke up looking just as confused as he was and swore that he didn’t do it. Stefan still isn’t sure how he was became surrounded by M&Ms.

Locked in a Bathroom  One night in Florence, a group of guys and girls were in there hostel getting ready for a night out. One girl went to the bath and some how got locked in. She began banging on the wall but everyone in her room had left already. She heard banging in response to her and she continued to bang and make noise. This lasted for 20 minutes. Finally friends from another room came and got her out.

Pissy Mattress This is something that would have killed me. Ben West traveled to Rio and stayed in a hostel. When he arrived he was very tired, and the first order of business was to take a nap. He jumped into his hostel bed and curled up to sleep. Just as he was falling asleep his hip started to get cold and damp. He got up an noticed that the previous occupant had pissed in the bed. The hostel staff just threw new linen over it instead of cleaning it thoroughly. If that wan’t enough, later that night the ceiling fan caught on fire and nearly burnt the whole place down.

House of the Witches Among the many hostels in the world a few of them have been reported to be haunted. Ghost and supernatural events have been spotted in hostels all over. The Hostal Casa de las Brujas translates to House of the Witches. The name alone should tell you this isn’t a place you want to stay. The former owner went crazy and killed a man in a bar. The man’s daughter was supposedly starved to death in the cellar. Though her body was found a year later, the daughter’s ghost evidently hasn’t checked out yet.

Haunted Hostel  Foulksrath Castle in Ireland is an actual castle that has been turned into a hostel. It is Europe’s oldest hostel. The hostel’s oldest is still living there, as a ghost, has been heard roaming the halls by guests and a British TV crew. A former owner’s daughter fell for the wrong guy that stayed there. After her dad locked her, pops apparently murdered the girl, leaving an unsettled spirit to share castle halls with guests.

Pirate’s Victim Returns Robert Searles was a pirate and his macabre band of merry men is said to have shot and killed a woman by the name of Estefania de Cigarroa. The killing took place in the old city of St. Augustine, Florida in 1686. Today, ghostly lights emanating from room number six and unexplained movements may be the ghost of Estefania de Cigarroa returning to The Pirate Haus hostel.


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