15 Life Hacks To Make Your Disney Vacation Better

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Disneyland is the ultimate destination for families in the summer time. It can be a one day trip, or it can be a weekend adventure. Going to Disney Land is every child’s dream. There are a lot of things to do which makes the park one of the best. There are a lot things that you can do to make you Disney vacation even better. It’s called the magical kingdom for a reason. There are all kinds of hidden treasures a Disneyland and sometimes all you have to do is ask for them. Here are a few life hacks to make your Disney vacation even better.

Ask For A Pin  If it’s your birthday or you are at the park for a special occasion go to Main Street City Hall. Here is the place to visit for free special occasion pins. Whether it’s your first time in the park, or you’re recently engaged, the friendly City Hall cast members will be happy to give you a celebratory button. It would be personalized and you will be one of the few people in the park to have.

Finding Mickey  On almost everyone’s Disney bucket list includes taking pictures with Mickey and the other Disney characters. The trick is finding where they are in the park. Lucky for you, there is an app for that. If you’re on the hunt for a specific character during your day at the park, use Finding Mickey to determine their whereabouts.

Touch Snow White’s Apple  Snow White’s Scary Adventures is a popular ride at Disney. To make it even better here is a trick. Touch Snow White’s Apple for a surprise. If you touch the brass apple in front of Snow White’s Scary Adventures, you’ll be greeted with the witch’s cackle and loud thunder. This effect is bound to get a reaction from other riders.

Bring Your Own Food  If your going a family vacation to Disney it may be more economical to bring your own food. Disneyland allows guests to bring in their own meals. This way you can save a lot of money for other things. Set aside some money for your “must have” meal or snack in the park, whether it’s a churro or Dole Whip, then keep your stomach full with your own food for the rest of the visit.

Have Store Purchases Sent To Your Room  Here is a convenient life hack for the adults. If you decide to shop during your time at the park, ask the store cast members about sending your purchases to will call. Your purchases will safely stored away so you can pick them up when you leave the park. If you are a Disney hotel guests you’re able to send store purchases directly to your rooms. This way you’re not stuck carry a lot bags around the park.

Indiana Jones Ride Surprise  Long lines are to be expected at Disneyland. The people who built the park expected this and put little surprises in the ride while people wait. While you wait in the perpetually long line for the Indiana Jones ride, you’ll come across a rope descending from the ceiling. Pulling on this rope will trigger a “lost explorer” crying for help!

Longer Hours During The Summer  Summer is the ideal time to visit Disneyland. During the Summer, the hours are extended and Disneyland stays open until midnight. This means you have more time to get on the rides, see more shows and enjoy everything Disneyland has to offer. If you’re looking to get the most for your money, visit during this season.

Time Meals Around Events Here is a tip to help you see events like the parade with out fighting through a giant crowd. Getting a view for the Disneyland parades can be tough.We suggest that you time your meals around the events. This way you can sit down in a prime spot for the parade to enjoy your food, killing two birds with one stone.

Flag Retreat Ceremony  Every afternoon, there is a special ceremony at the Main Street flagpole that features a band, color guard, and an honor to veterans. This is not an event that is really promoted even though it is on the itinerary sheet. This is a must-do at least once a trip, especially if you or you have a member who’s been a part of the armed services.

Disney Eateries Give Discounts For Shopping
If you eat at one of the eateries inside the park don’t just throw away your receipt. It most likely has a discount you can use at the souvenir shops. Check the fine print on the receipt. Most of there discounts are time sensitive, meaning they are only valid before or after a certain time. Not every eatery gives away these discounts.

Military Personnel, D23 Fans and AAA Members Get Perks  If you’re a military service member, a member of Disney’s official fan club, the D23 club, or a AAA member, you’re eligible for discounted prices on your Disneyland vacation. Special ticket prices, discounts in the merchandise stores and special event invitations are offered if you are member of any of these organizations. AAA members can also waive their Disneyland parking fees. Get on top of these perks while you can.

Double Up on Fast Passes The lines at Disney are always super long. It can take an hour or two to get on a ride. The only way to avoid the long lines is with a fast pass, which are scarce. Here is a way to double up on fast passes. If you’ve got a park hopper ticket, you can double up on your Fast passes to reduce wait times. You’re able to hold Disneyland passes and California Adventure passes concurrently because the parks’ tracking systems are not synced.

Score VIP Seating In The Park  If you want to be treated like a VIP while you’re at Disneyland, pay attention to this. You can get VIP seating to catch the renowned World of Color show at California Adventure. Consider taking part in World of Color Dining. This program gives you reserved seats for the show in exchange for buying a meal at one of three restaurants in the park, so it’s a great option for guests who didn’t bring a meal from home and want to sit comfortably while enjoying the show.

Look for Celebrities  Bored waiting in line? Try celebrity spotting! Disneyland attracts all kinds of celebrities. The best way to find a celebrity in the park is to follow @DisneylandCeleb on Instagram to see who’s in the park that day. Be on the lookout for the Disney Escorts in plaid vests, a celebrity is usually trailing right behind them.

Get Your Dole Whip Quicker  One of the best things about Disneyland is eating a Dole Whip. Dole Whips are so popular that you are more than likely going to have to wait in an hour long line. Here is a way to get your dole whip quicker than everyone else. Just go right into the Enchanted Tiki Room attraction and line up on the other side. It’s shorter, and you can choose to stay to watch the show or continue on your way.


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