15 Most Dangerous Cities in the World

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Traveling is great. There are many brochures, television commercial and internet ads showing palm trees, beaches and the beauty of exotic cities. Not all cities are as charming as the ones in the travel brochures. Every large city has its problems, but some are a little worse than others. Some of the most dangerous cities may be on your travel list and maybe even closer than you think. This list has countries from South America, the Middle and even the United States. You should avoid all the cities on this list at all cost.

Caracas, Venezuela Caracas is the capital city and the largest city of Venezuela and it is presently facing a crisis involving drug gangs. Muggings, theft and other street crimes are common, making this an undesirable destination for most tourists. Many other cities in Venezuela also have high crime rates, but Caracas takes the cake. Caracas has one of the highest murder rates in the world.

Ciudad Juarez, Mexico Mexico has become infamous as a place for drug trafficking. Problems with drug traffickers seems to be centered in Ciudad Juarez. It is one of the nation’s most violent cities right now. Police are often employed or paid off by drug gangs, which means that many crimes go unpunished. It’s not a place you want to visit, even if you have to. In 2013, 497 homicides were reported which actually was less than the total in 2007.

Cape Town, South Africa Cape Town is the second most populated city in African, coming after Johannesburg. With a large populatoin and a large amount of people living in proverty, crime is inevitable. Social unrest in the city is a reason for many of the crimes. Although many tourists are drawn to South Africa because of its natural beauty and proximity to nature preserves and other attractions, Cape Town can be a dangerous place. If you plan on traveling to Cape Town, I suggest you avoid research tourist friendly areas and never go out alone at night.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Brazil is on many people’s travel list and for good reason. It is a beautiful place with beaches that stretch along its coat line. Though the brochures and TV commercials show you the good of Brazil, there is a bad. Many cities in Brazil have very high crime rates, and Rio de Janeiro is one of them. Rio is by far the most popular tourist destination in Brazil, making the tourist a target. Street crimes like robbery are common in many areas, especially at night.

Guatemala City, Guatemala Guatemala, a South American nation, has many tourist attractions, but it’s a nation that is plagued with drug violence. It has a high murder rate and other common crimes include street robberies, bus holdups and carjackings. The city you should avoid at all cost is Guatemala City. If the crime doesn’t scare you off the earthquakes, mudslides and two active volcanoes may do it.

Acapulco, Mexico Not long ago, this city was considered a safe and luxurious resort area. Tourism to Acapulco is still popular, but drug violence has now made Acapulco into a dangerous area. It’s been revealed that this city has one of the world’s highest murder rates, 142 per 100,000 people. People visiting Acapulco are advised to remain on the property of the resorts where they are staying, as most of the crime occurs in surrounding areas.

Baghdad, Iraq Baghdad is the largest city in Iraq and is a perpetual war zone. Bombings, gunfire and other violent events are common in Iraq. Iraq is a country that has been on the “do not travel” list for Americans for many years. The future of Iraq is extremely uncertain now that U.S. troops have departed from the country. Baghdad is a war-torn city, that is constantly the setting for violent and unpredictable terrorist attacks.

Kabul, Afghanistan Kabul, Afghanistan has been one of the most dangerous cities in the world for some time now. Although U.S. troops have slowly been removed from the country, violent attacks are still prevalent. Terrorist attacks, including many bombings are common. Kabul is facing a very uncertain future and will probably be a very dangerous place for the foreseeable future. Like Baghdad, Kabul is a city where violence can occur at any time.

Karachi, Pakistan Another city in the middle east, Karachi, Pakistan has experienced a great deal of political unrest. Crime as well as terrorism is rampant. Assassinations in Karachi are common, as well as suicide bombings and gang warfare. Karachi is one of the centers of this violence and tourists are advised to avoid this city. Anywhere they burn the American flag, is not a place American tourist should venture off to.

San Pedro Sula, Honduras For several years now San Pedro Sula, Honduras has been ranked as one of the world’s most violent cities. According to many sources, it has the highest homicide rates in the world with 169 homicides per 100,000 people. These homicides are due to arms trafficking, which is a big problem. Illegal firearms are prevalent throughout the city. Other crimes are committed daily in this city making it unfriendly to tourist.

Distrito Central, Honduras No large city is immune to violence. Distrito Central has surpassed the usual amount of violence. It is one of the highest murder rates in the world almost matching the homicide rate of the other Honduras city, San Pedro Sula. The dangers in Distrito Central can be attributed to extreme poverty, government corruption and a heavy Mafia presence. The high level of violence deters all but the most reckless of tourists.

Cali, Columbia  Many of the cities on this list are in Latin America. Drug cartel violence is evident in many of these cities and Cali, Colombia is no exception. It’s not a very safe place to live. Though it has many festivals and tourist attractions, the crime deters visitors from coming. In 2012 the United States Department of State issued a travel warning due to the “increased crime.” Cali, Colombia has never had a great reputation and it’s unlikely to become a popular tourist destination anytime soon.

San Salvador, El Salvador San Salvador translates to Holy Savior. That’s what is need needed for this city. It is the capital city of El Salvador and the capital of crime in the country. After the civil war in the 1980s, crime has been a way of life for most people living in this city. Gang violence has put fear into the native and visitors. There is currently a murder rate of 90 murders per 100,000.

East St. Louis, Illinois East St. Louis, Illinois is currently the murder capital of the United States. With 187 crimes committed per square mile, East St. Louis has crime around almost every corner. With 14,196 murders, 108,612 rapes, 345,031 robberies, and 724,149 assaults in the past year, East St. Louis makes Chicago look like a vacation paradise. You are more likely to be a victim of crime here than any where else in the country.

Port-au-Prince, Haiti Port-au-Prince, Haiti is still trying to recover from the devastating earthquake that flipped it upside down. The earthquake left a 230,000 bod count and more bodies remained uncounted. The earthquake damaged the economy and resulted in increased poverty and crime rate. The city has been on the long road to recovery since the 2010 earthquake and most likely not a place to travel to for pleasure for a long time.


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