15 of the Best Bars in America

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Finding a good bar is like choosing a good college to go to. There are many things to consider. The people in a bar, whether behind the bar, in front of it or the very first owner of the bar that may or may not be buried beneath it, contribute something to the character of the place. The bar you frequent should match your personality, because it says a lot about your personality. The type of drinks that a bar makes and the overall atmosphere of the place should be taken into consideration. If you are choosing a bar to become a regular at look at this list of the best bars in America to see which one you would fit in with.

15 Romolo Located in San Francisco, you have to go up to get to 15 Romolo. It’s tucked away in a little alley, where you have to climb a short flight of steps to get to the front door. Unlike most dark bars, this mixologists’ hangout is also large and uncluttered. The pin-lit bar beckons across the dark expanse of open floor like a light house across a dark coast line. It’s a place that you can just relax with a stiff drink.

Delilah’s If you are at Delilah’s most likely you are drinking Bourbon. Located in Chicago, it’s filthy, it’s loud, and the vinyl booths are held together with duct tape. Sometimes there is porn on the TV. Delilah’s is a beloved punk dive bar surrounded on all sides by happy retailers. It also has a world-class whiskey selection and bartenders smart enough to know what to do with it. You can also drink cheap and shoot free pool under Elvis paintings.

Bar Belmont There’s one hill in Dallas, and Bar Belmont’s patio is perched atop it. With the right companion and enough drinks, the skyline becomes a mountain range and the heard-but-not-seen traffic begins to sound like the crashing waves of the ocean. If you end up at Bar Belmont then your dink of choice is most likely a gin and tonic.

Rokerij Rokerji in Phoenix, Arizona is a cool and calm bar. Stepping through the large wood door and down the stone steps is like walking into a cellar. There is a glowing fireplace, bottles of wine stacked up on the walls, a long, and a polished wood bar that stretches the width of the room. The bartenders are well dressed, and they ask just enough questions, but not too many.

The Rum House at Hotel Edison New York is filled with bars, many with notable names. Of those notable New York bars, The Rum House is one of the elite. Located in the Hotel Edison, it is a place you can meet up with friends and socialize before having a night out on the town. The drinks are not the best but the atmosphere makes up for that. Find your self a dim-lit corner and order a scotch on the rocks.

Blue Moon When you walk into Blue Moon bar in Seattle you’ll hear old blues and ragtime songs playing through the speakers. Bands like Hot Tuna and Jefferson Airplane are in continuos rotation. The bar has 16 different types of beer on tap, most of them are locally brewed. The regulars are friendly. It’s a great place to grab a book and a beer and let the time fly by.

Rum Club As the name suggest the Rum Club is for lovers of rum. The bartenders know almost every drink combination that includes rum, especially tropical cocktails. You can only imagine all the varieties of rum they have. Rum Club is a friendly bar located in an out of the way area of Portland. Its horseshoe shaped bar allows for patron to comfortably sit next to each other without feeling too far away from the bartender.

Fellingham’s  Fellingham’s is located in South Hampton, New York. Needless to say there is money in this town. Celebrities drive $100,000 cars and eating $34 lobster rolls is nothing new here. If you hook a left off North Main Street and about a mile from the beach, you’ll find the bar that doesn’t really fit in. Fellingham’s was built in 1830 as a carriage house, then became a meat market, then a sandwich shop, then a law office and is now a sports bar. Though everything around it is upscale and fancy, here you can come and order a simple Bud Lite and be happy.

Sunny’s Bar The name of this bar sounds like it has witnessed a few brawls in its day. That just means it has character. Sunny’s Bar in Brooklyn dates back to 1890. It is a throwback to the pre-gentrification days when the parts of Brooklyn closest to Manhattan were mostly inhabited by the kind of people who have jobs, not careers, with only enough artists and writers to make things interesting. Sunny’s Bar is one of the last real dive bars in the area.

Carousel Bar The Carousel Bar in New Orleans is a bar that actually spins like a carousel. That is a hell of a trick to play on a drinking man. If you get motion sickness than I would not advise you to stay here to long. The Vieux Carré is their special house cocktail that you must have if you go their. The spinning doesn’t seem to effect most of the patron since the bar has been successfully operating since 1949.

Frolic Room The Frolic Room sounds more like a strip club but there are no naked ladies her, not on a regular at least. It is a mid-century cluster of murals and caricatures of Golden Age of Film celebrities. Located in L.A. the bar dates back to 1963. There is a crazy mix of people here all the time which is a testament to the city. The black bow-tie and vest wearing bartenders can fix up one of the best martini’s you will ever have.

Paper Plane Down in the dirty south there is a clean and elegant bar. Paper Planes located in Decatur, Georgia a metropolitan area of Atlanta, they are known for their elegant mixology. The building is made of wood and brick which creates a very comfortable feeling. Here you can get a good meal to go with whatever you are drinking.

Rye Rye is a bar in Baltimore, Maryland. You can guess by the name that it specializes in making drinks using rye whiskey. It is staying true to the cities alcohol roots. Before prohibition, rye whiskey was the preeminent distilled spirit in Maryland. Located in the historic Fell’s Point neighborhood, Rye is on a mission to let everyone know that the best rye whiskey is in Baltimore.

Kelly’s Irish Times This list would not be complete without a kick ass Irish pub. Kelly’s Irish Times in D.C. fit the bill. This is a kind of place the president should drink his annual glass of St. Paddy’s Day Guinness. Irish whiskey is the drink of choice here as it should be. The only thing cooler than the funky decorations are the bartenders.

Saxon+Parole Saxon+Parole is another New York bar that is edgy, in a good way. At Saxon+Parole hearing the name of the drinks make you twist your face up just as much as drinking them. It is an equestrian themed bar that creates their own whiskey and serves meat eccentric meals. It’s upscale dinning and drinking without the upscale prices.


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