15 Reasons You Should NEVER Visit the Netherlands

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The world is a big place with many places to visit and things to see. Some places are favorites to visit by a lot of people, other places are not as popular. One of the most visited continents is Europe and one of the most popular countries there is the Netherlands. The Netherlands is a place that is seem to be a tourist attraction. It is made to look like a great country full of many attractions and activities. There are some things that attracts some people to the country but here are some reasons why you shouldn’t visit the Netherlands.

Too Much Culture The Netherlands is full of culture as most foreign places are. That isn’t a bad thing in most cases, but in the Netherlands the culture can be overwhelming. Interesting and vibrant, the culture can be a lot to catch on to. A new language, music and environment. You will sacrifice enjoyment trying to understand whats going in the Netherlands.

Dutch Beaches are Boring  The Netherlands has beaches but none of them are really worth going to. The beaches their are just sand and water. There is never really anything special or interesting going on there. There are a few nude beaches but most of them are inhabited by the older population of the Netherlands and who wants to see that.

Amsterdam Is Not That Great Amsterdam is the number one destination in the Netherlands. In the brochures it seems to be live and full of fun things to do. The brochures seem to exaggerate a little bit. Amsterdam is not all that it’s cracked up to be. One of its main attractions are the coffee shops that sever things that coffee shops serve and weed. There are also museums, old buildings and the red light district. If you are not in to smoking, architecture, history, or a pervert than Amsterdam really doesn’t have nothing for you.

Bunch of Pot-Smoking Hippies Amsterdam attracts all of the weed smoking hippies from all over the world. Their is nothing wrong with being a hippie but it can be a little overwhelming. The relaxed laws on marijuana in Amsterdam has created a cloud of weed smoke over the city. Almost every bar and restaurant you walk in, you are sure to meet a person who is high and can’t stop laughing in your face. Imagine that all day everyday.

Too Much Cheese This is fair warning for those of you out there who are lactose intolerant or suspect that you might be. The Netherlands is full of cheese. The Netherlands makes some of the best cheese in the entire world. That is great if you are a cheese fanatic, but if you are a regular person it can get a little annoying to see cheese all the time. I mean there is cheese around every corner, and in every shop.

Too Crowded The natives of the Netherlands know how to have fun in their land. All the old buildings and cities like Amsterdam make them excited for the weekend. Certain cities within the Netherlands can get crowded with people. A lot of people. All looking for a good time. If you are someone who does not like crowds or is claustrophobic, then stay out of the Netherlands.

They Eat Outdoors The Dutch have a thing about eating out doors. If you are in the Netherlands for the dining experience than you notice that most restaurants have out side patios. Most of the time you may find yourself eating under a tent, canopy or just out in the open. This poses a problem for most. Eating out side makes you more subject to bugs, and the weather spoiling you meal.

A Lot Of Bike Riding The Netherlands has to be one of the cleanest places on Earth. Almost everyone there rides bikes. It’s like their favorite pastime. There are are a lot of dirt and not-well-traveled roads that are ideal for bikes, but who wants to travel on a bike all the time. If you’re on vacation you want to relax and be chauffeured around, not work up a sweat pedaling around.

Too Colorful Going to a country that is lively and vibrant with color is never a bad thing, but too many colors is. The Netherlands seems to love colors. The country side is riddled with flowers and plants life all in different colors. If you fly over it you can get dizzy. Even the old buildings are painted in different colors. It can all be so overwhelming.

The Wildlife In the United States the average wildlife that people see is a squirrel, a pigeon, maybe even a deer and that’s about it. In the Netherlands the wild life is a little more abundant. As if the plants and flowers weren’t enough, you have to worry about a fox or two running by your way. The country is not completely urbanized so there are places where the wildlife flourish.

It’s Dark At Night There’s another side effect to the lack of urbanization in the Netherlands.€It’s hard to see which wild animal is sneaking up on you when you can’t see at night. It can get really dark at night. In most places in the Netherlands the source of light you have at night are the moon and stars. Depending on where you are in the Netherlands going out at night is not advised.

There’s No Budweiser Unless you are from the Netherlands or you have a very extensive knowledge of beer, you are left in the dark about what good beer to get. Over there, you are less likely find Budweiser, or PBR, or Miller High Life. You can find some familiar names like Heineken and Amstel Light which are brewed in Amsterdam, but in the Netherlands, they simply don’t care for our American beer. In fact, they think it’s garbage. There is a long list of beers to chose from, many of them are unfamiliar and that can give you a headache.

Windmills If you thought all the old buildings in the Netherlands were bad, then the old windmills will kill you. Almost every picture of the Netherlands includes an old rickety windmill. The landscape is dotted with them. At least they still function, that’s a little excitement. They are probably the main source of electricity in the country, which explains why in most spots it gets really dark.

All The Food Is Fattening and Nasty The food in the Netherlands is super weird. It is also fattening and nasty. Dutch cuisine includes all types of things that you wouldn’t think go together, like peanut butter and meat. They even eat raw herring fish and it is considered a delicacy. Not all the food is bad, you can find some stuff that you may enjoy, but for the most part eating in the Netherlands is not as easy as you would want it to be.

The Locals Are Too Happy When travelling abroad, Americans have a tendency to stick out like a soar thumb. Most of the natives usually try to avoid you and may come off as mean. This is normal when you travel overseas. This also makes it that much better when you find someone that embraces you. The people of the Netherlands seem to always be happy and embracing. Americans aren’t used to this much friendliness. Always trying to help and being cheerful. It just gets a little creepy.



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