15 Things You Must Do While in Australia

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Australia is like the world’s back yard. There is so much to do it’s hard to plan a short vacation there. Located in the southern hemisphere the seasons are reversed. June through August are the winter months in Australia. It’s a great place full of life and culture. Australia has a little something for everyone. It has a reputation for being rough and rugged which attracts all types of adventurous people. Australia also has less rigorous activities for those who like to take it easy like sight seeing tours and world class dining experiences. If you find yourself overwhelmed with the many options presented to you take a look at this list of must do activities while in Australia.

Go to Melbourne

Melbourne has justifiably earned its cosmopolitan reputation. With the eye catching street art, luxurious shopping, and historic architecture some consider the city to be best in Australia.  Seeing the city on foot allows you to get am intimate acquaintance with is. Try a Central Melbourne walking tour, a Melbourne Lanes tour or an Arcades Walking Tour to see the all of Melbourne, even the hidden side of the city. If walking is too much, you can still see many of the same sights by taking an afternoon tour by coach, or a highlights of Melbourne cruise. This city is also a foodie paradise, so don’t fill up before getting there.

Got to the Beach

Australia is known for its beaches. Whether you like to lie in the sun, play in the sand, or enjoy some sport in the surf, there’s a beach ready and waiting for you. There is a beach in almost every city in Australia. The beaches in Sydney are by far the most popular.  Spend the afternoon on the popular Bondi Beach and Kings Cross in Sydney. You can get a birds eye view of the coastline and the beautiful scenery far below during a helicopter tour of Perth’s beaches and the Fremantle Coast. Hop on an ATV and go off-roading to see Australia’s Fraser Island from Noosa or Rainbow Beach. You can even learn how to surf from some pretty cool and experienced instructors.

Go to the Blue Mountains

Aside from being a beach bum you can explore the mountains of Australia. This makes Australia a diverse and exciting place. The most famous mountain range is also in Sydney. Escape the city like and tough it out in the Blue Mountains. You can spend the day on hiking trails seeing the natural wonders of Australia. Koala bears and kangaroos will greet and welcome you to their natural habitat as you take Blue Mountain’s Nature and Wildlife Day Tour. Going to the Blue Mountains is a great way to spend the day with family or friends.

Go Out to Eat and Enjoy the View

In Australia there are many sights to see and not enough time to see them all. To help with that there are a few restaurants that provide a grand view. While having dinner multiple senses will be stimulated. Places like the Sydney Tower 360 Bar and Buffet Restaurant, reveals a stunning view of the Sydney Skyline and the Sydney Harbor Bridge from 88 stories high. The meals will catch your eye as well.

Drive the Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road is a long stretch of beautifully eroded shoreline. It goes for 150 miles, and along the way passes coastal formations such as the famous 12 Apostles. You can take an eco-tour from Melbourne with a small group or just enjoy the breeze as your take a ride with friends. The Great Ocean Road leads to many other attractions like Phillip Island. Watching the sunset on the horizon while cruising down the Great Ocean Road. The view is like none other and cannot be duplicated anywhere.

Go on a Wildlife Cruise

There are two things that are in abundance around Australia, water and wildlife. You can combine the two for a wildlife cruise. It’s a relaxing way to see some of the regions indigenous animals.  You can head to New Zealand to take a whale and dolphin safari cruise from Auckland, a Kaikoura whale watching day tour from Christchurch, or a whale-watching cruise from Sydney that includes lunch.  You can get out and interact with the animals on a Port Stephens day trip, which includes dolphin watching and sandboarding. Take a wilderness cruise from Te Anau to Doubtful Sound to see seals and dolphins.

Go to See the Penguins on Phillip Island

Amongst all the wildlife that Australia has, penguins are included in the bunch.  Australia has a number of islands off its coasts, some more interesting to visit than others. Off the southeastern coast of the country, 87 miles from Melbourne, is Phillip Island. Phillip Island has great beaches and penguins, which bring people to the island.  These two-toned, waddling friends can be seen on the “Little Penguins Parade” evening tour. You can even see the parade from above with an upgrade to the Phillip Island ultimate penguin eco-tour.  The island has three parks that are filled with tuxedo wearing birds.

Go to Sydney Harbor

Majority of Sydney’s social scene is located in Sydney Harbor.  You can take a day tour of Sydney with an optional harbor lunch cruise. There are many different harbor cruises you can take. For the coffee lovers, get your caffeine fix while you sight see with a Sydney Harbor coffee cruise. For the couples on a honeymoon, a romantic day on a Sydney Harbor dinner cruise is the way to go. Grab an entry ticket to Taronga Zoo, which you need to take a boat to reach, anyway. The Sydney Harbor is where you can spend the entire day off land.

Go to a Theme Park

Australia is more than nature walks, mountain climbing and sight seeing. It has its fair share of theme parks and attractions. These aren’t your average amusement parks. These are family time places that are perfect places to take the kids during family vacations. You can even be a kid again. Movie World, Sea World, and Wet n Wild are the three main theme parks that attract tourist and locals. Explore life as a sea creature in Australia by visiting the Sydney Aquarium or the Melbourne Aquarium. Learn to throw a boomerang during a Tobruk Australian Outback experience including an Aussie BBQ lunch.

Go to the Sydney Opera House

The Sydney Opera House is the most recognizable and iconic building in the entire country of Australia.  There have been millions of people who have snapped a picture of the building and its beautiful design, but only a few people have ever been inside.  You can learn some insights into the building’s history on a Sydney Opera House guided walking tour, or get a behind-the-scenes look on a Sydney Opera House Guided Backstage Tour to stand in the orchestra pit and explore the dressing rooms of the theater’s biggest stars. If you’re really lucky you will be able to get tickets to see an Opera Performance, a ballet, or the Sydney Symphony at the Sydney Opera.

Go Wine Tasting

Wine tasting is always a fun and calm way to past the time. There’s a good chance that you have tried or at least heard of Australian Shiraz. Whether you have or not there is no better way to sip a wine than in the place where it is made. Australia was never a big name when it comes to wine exports but that is slowly changing. Australian wines are gaining prominence among the world’s most notable wines.  You can take a wine tasting tour to Yarra Valley in Melbourne, Hunter Valley in Sydney, Swan Valley or Barossa Valley. It is a perfect activity for couples and older groups.

Go See the Great Barrier Reef

Australia is home to the Great Barrier Reef. It is over 1,500 miles long making it the biggest coral reef in the world. It is home to thousands of underwater species. To explore the reef at its best, sign up for a Great Barrier Reef Diving and Snorkeling Cruise from Cairns, You can upgrade your experience to the Luxury Snorkel and Dive Cruise from Cairns. The cruise also has a glass bottom boat that you see the reef from without getting into the water.

Go on a Food Tour

Australia continues to grow in stature as a foodie destination. Along with the growth of its wine industry, the popularity of its restaurants and dining scene is increasing. The food tours that are offered in Australia always surprise and delight. Barossa Valley has a tour that pair food and wine. Swan Valley has a similar tour. You are guaranteed to try and like something that you have never eaten before.

Learn About the Aboriginal People

Its always good to learn about the history of whatever county and city you are visiting. The history of Australia is unique and not often shared with the rest of the world. Australian culture begins with the Aboriginal people that inhabited the country before anyone else. You can take an Aboriginal cultural tour from Alice Springs to sample traditional food and try your hand at traditional art. Go to the Tjapukai Aboriginal Cultural Park to listen to “Dreamtime” stories. Visit the UNESCO-listed Aboriginal Cultural Daintree Rainforest on a tour from Cairns or Port Douglas, learning to fish the traditional way. Aboriginal sacred sites on a Wave Rock and York can be seen.

Go to the Cave of Wonders

Australia has its share of glow worm caves. Visit one of the largest colonies of the worms in the country with a glow worm cave and a natural bridge tour from the Gold Coast.  The glow worms line the roof of the caves making them look like stars in a night sky. You can stay above ground or go underground with a Mt. Tamborine National Park 4WD nocturnal rainforest and glow worm tour. If you like caves but don’t like the idea of worms, go for a motor coach day tour to the Blue Mountains and Jenolan Caves. There you can see amazing mineral formations inside caves.


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