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15 Tips For Women Traveling Alone

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Traveling is a great experience. It allows you to see the world, meet new people, and get away from your daily routine. Whether it’s for business or pleasure traveling is always fun. A lot of people travel with a group or at least with one other person and some travel by them selves. Women make up a huge percent of solo travelers. Both men and women face dangers when they travel by them elves but women have to take more precautions. Here are some tips specifically for women who travel alone.

Act like Your Rooming With Someone  Jessica Labaire is an Online Travel Agency (OTA) marketing manager. Her job requires her to travel out the country a lot. Her advice to women traveling alone and staying in hotels is make people think you are not alone. When entering your hotel room, open the door, and say loudly, “Hi, honey, I’m back!” This wards off any potential stalkers.

Airport Parking When you travel by yourself leaving your car is a concern. Airports have a parking lot specifically for travelers to park their cars for long periods of time. The issue is these parking lots are usually not close to the terminals and can be dangerous to walk to. Teresa Lang a small business specialist uses a remote park and ride service with transportation to and from the airport that offers pick up and drop off at your car. This eliminates wandering through the airport parking lot to find your car.

Pack Extra Clothes One of the most common things that happen when traveling is your luggage being lost or stolen. Air lines lose and misplace luggage all the time, It puts a damper on your trip and delays you from doing the activities you had planned especially if it is a business trip. A senior event planner, Adriana Formoso suggests putting and extra outfit and toiletries in your carry on bag. That way if your luggage is lost you can still look fresh.

Tell Someone Where You Are Traveling a one can be so exciting but they are a lot of risk and dangerous that come with it. When traveling alone you should let at least one trusted person know where you are going, where you are staying and for how long. Leave a contact number if possible. Text or call them when you arrive to your destination and when you are coming home. If you are staying for a long period of time, periodically text or call to assure that person that you are fine.

Never Reveal Your Lodging Details Director of Key Accounts Canada, Paula Turk advises to never reveal the hotel where you will be staying in your destination. She had a situation where the person sitting next to her on a flight was stuck in the same city where she was staying. The passenger she sat with on the plane actually came to her hotel, called her on her cell phone, which he had got from her business card. The hotel she was at was sold out and he wanted to know if he could stay in her room. He continued to harass her. As a precaution she had to turn off her cell phone and could not leave the room.

Plan Out Your Route Before leaving the hotel, pre-plan your walking route. That way, you can have a clear understanding of how to get to where ever your destination is. This also prevents you from looking down at your phone’s GPS trying to navigate directions or inquiring to random people on the street, which can distract you and put you at risk for street crimes. Even if you are taking a cab you should map out the roads that take you to your destination.

Pick Safe Environments For Meeting Locals. When traveling abroad alone interacting with the locals is something that is required and encouraged. It’s okay to go into a pub and grab a beer with the locals, but sometimes it’s not. When you want to talk to locals, head for bookshops, university campuses, small boutiques, galleries, and churches. Any where there is a lot of people and is in a well lighted area. People at those locations tend to be friendly, curious, and relatively interested in a dialogue. If you go to the same breakfast place or the same pub at the same time every day, you start to become a regular, and that leads to conversation too.

Dress Modestly Don’t call attention to yourself. The way you dress in certain countries can put a target on your back. Dress in modest clothing to avoid giving the heir of being wealthly. Tone down your dress code by not wearing guady jewelry, or fine and exotic fabrics. A rule of thumb is to dress how the women of that country dress so you won’t stand out too much.

Wear a Fake Wedding Ring Wearing a fake wedding ring will deter men from making advances from you. It prevents unwanted attention. A wedding ring makes people believe that you are not alone and that your spouse is somewhere near. If you don’t have a wedding ring a story about a fake boyfriend or husband will do.

Step Inside When Asking For Directions When in a foreign land it is not common for you to get lost or confused about how to get to a destination. Asking for directions is almost inevitable, especially if it is your first time in a particular country. Don’t ask for directions on the street. Go inside a shop, café or gas station. Ask a concierge at a near by hotel for directions. Don’t pull out a map on the street either, pop indoors for that too. You don’t want to alert the wrong people that you are lost.

Know the Local Rules of Etiquette Find out what the local customs are, especially for women. Defying them is a surefire way to draw unwanted attention. Note what the local women are doing and follow suit. Place in the Middle East are very strict in how women should dress and act there. In Japan, bowing when you meet someone it is a custom followed by everyone. Be very mindful of the places you go, as some are not so accepting to women.

Pack Light  When traveling you want to be able to move whenever you want to, without anything slowing you down. Your luggage should not be too much to handle especially when you are by yourself. You should at least have two bags, one for all your clothes and one for you personal and valuable items that you can keep with you. One bag should have wheels and the other should strap to your body to keep one hand free at all times.

Don’t Hail Taxis Off the Street  It is better not to hail a taxi on the street. Have your hotel put you in a safe cab to your destination. To get back, find a reputable taxi via the doorman of another hotel, or have the restaurant where you’re dining call for a safe taxi. This rule should definitely be exercised at night to stay safe and away form danger.

Don’t Leave  Hotel Without Its Business Card In countries where you are not fluent in the native language, having business cards helps a lot. You should never leave your hotel without its business card in you pocket. This way you can show your cab driver where you are staying if you need to get home. Have your concierge write in the local language the names and addresses of the sights you’re headed out to see. This makes communicating a lot easier.

Learn Key Word in the Local Language It is best that you learn some words in the language of the country you are going to be in. Learning key words in the native language helps you communicate with locals if you need anything. Learning phrases like “Help me!” will be useful in a situation where you really need it. Buy a dictionary that translates the language to English or download a translator app on your smart phone.


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