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15 Travel Hacks For the Summer

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The Summer is here and that means people all over the nation are planning and finalizing their vacations. Summer is the ideal time for people to travel. Everyone knows this including the travel agencies, hotels and airlines. This is the season where they make the most money at your expense. There are some way to avoid the hassles of traveling and make your vacation as stress free as possible. The following list includes hacks to find your car in a crowd parking lot, packing light, making sure you get the best price on flights and more.

Put Shoes in Shower Caps  Have you ever packed a bag with clothes and shoes for a vacation without anything dividing the two? You get to your destination open your suitcase to pick the outfit you want to wear, and see a HUGE dirty shoe print on your shirt. There is a way to avoid that. Put your shoes inside a shower caps. That way the soles of your shoes won’t mess up your clothes.

Call Bank/Credit Card Company Before Leaving  Before going a vacation this summer it would be wise to make sure your bank and credit card company know where you are going and for how long. During the summer credit card fraud and identity theft are more likely to happen due to people going out and spending more in the summer. Let your bank know that you will be out of town so they won’t think it’s some one else spending your money and freeze your account.

Bring Empty Water Bottle  Dealing with airport security is a hurdle that most people have to get over to enjoy their vacation. There are a lot of restrictions as to what you can and cannot bring on the plane. It is important to stay hydrated during the summer so keeping a bottle of water with you is a good idea. Have an empty water bottle so you can get through security and then refill it. This way you won’t have to buy the expensive bottles of water they sell at the airport.

Enable Private Browsing When Booking  Flight  Getting a flight to where ever you want to go for vacation can be the most stressful part of the trip. There are so many airlines that claim to be the best with reasonable prices, and there are a lot of discount websites that tell you they can find a better price for you. One for sure way to get a good price is to search for flight when you enable private browsing on your computer. Airlines go through your search history and bump up the prices when they see that you need a flight. Sneaky bastards.

Use USB Port on TV to Charge Phone We have all done it whether we are home or away. Misplacing the wall piece to your phone charger can be frustrating. That small, but vital piece of equipment can be determine if you have a great trip or a horrible one. If you find that you have misplaced it while away, don’t fret. Just look on the side or back of the TV in your room and use the USB slot to charge your phone.

Pack Individual Outfits in Ziploc Bags Here is a great hack for people who are extremely organized, may have OCD, or have kids. To make life a little easier, put individual outfits inside Ziploc bags. You can press all the air out the bag to create more room in your suitcase and it takes the guess work out of choosing what to wear. It’s a great way to keep kids organized and ready to go.

Use Apps on Your Smart Phone By now everyone should have a smartphone. I admit they can get a little confusing with all the features and apps that come with them. If you are traveling this summer season you should download some apps that will ensure you have a great time. Here are a few helpful apps that you can use. Yelp can lead you to the area hot spots for food, dancing , drinking and anything else. Currency Converter shows you the exchange rate of whatever country, so you won’t get ripped off overseas. The local transit app so you can get around like the natives.

Pack 2 Pairs of Shoes and No More Shoes can often be the bulkiest items in your bag so if you can, never travel with more than 2 pairs. Wear your bulkiest pair on the plane and an easy to carry pair in your bag. You should try to bring versatile shoes. Shoes that you can wear for different occasions are perfect. All white or all black shoes are perfect.

Use Shower Caddy as Food Tray Have you ever been on a road trip and stopped for food to eat while driving? It’s not as easy as you think. It can get a little messy as the car hits bumps and makes turns. Depending on the amount of people with you there may not be enough cup holders or space to enjoy your food. Buy a shower caddy from the dollar store and use it for easy eating.

Drop a Pin on Google Maps to Remember Parking It is quite embarrassing to go to an amusement park or major event and lose your car in the parking lot. Many people wander around a giant parking lot constantly pressing the alarm in hopes of finding their car. There is a solution for that. When you’re driving in a new city and need to remember where you parked, drop a pin on Google Maps or take a picture of the parking space with your phone. That way you don’t have to walk around a hot parking lot for hours.

Use Google Maps Offline Getting lost while on vacation is scary and can ruin a trip. It’s even worst when you are lost in an area where you can’t get a cell phone signal. Most apps require you to be online. Google Maps is one of those apps. There is a way to use Google Maps offline. To use Google Maps offline, type “ok maps” and the current area on your phone will save for later.It’s good for important places you want to visit or need to go to when out of town so you have the info available in case you lose service.

Put Your Phone in a Plastic Bag If you’re heading to a theme park or the beach I advise you to put your phone in a plastic bag to prevent it from getting wet. Don’t worry about the people that may laugh at you. They won’t be laughing when they ruin there phone and have to pay hundreds of dollars to get a new one. Losing you phone to water damage can ruin you entire vacation.

Protect Wine Bottles in Wine Skin or Pool Floats If you’re like me, then going on vacation requires alcohol. Not drinking, is not an option. Some people like to bring their own bottle of wine or liquor which is allowed in your checked baggage. The best way to male sure your spirits make it to your destination in one piece is to protect it in a Wine Skin or wrap it up with deflated pool floats.

Scan Important Documents When traveling you should make sure you have all the proper documents need to have a pleasant and stress free trip. If you are planning an overseas vacation this summer, you should scan your passport, ID, and itinerary and email it to yourself so you have a digital copy in the event of loss or theft. You can never be too careful with stuff like this. The last thing you want is to be detained because you can’t prove you are who you say you are.

Rent a Car in June If you are planning a road trip, you might look into getting a rental car. Here is a little known fact. Car rental prices start to increase in July. June is the perfect time to plan that summer road trip and get a rental because the prices are reasonable. Plus, June is prime time for driving with the windows down without dealing with summer’s most sweltering temperatures.

The Final 3 are the ultimate travel hacks! Good luck hacking!


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