15 Travel Selfies You’ll Want To Recreate

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Traveling is when most of the memories of your life happen. Everyone has a “remember the time we went here” story to tell. The best way to keep those memories is to take a lot of pictures. In these modern times it is not shameful to take a picture of yourself. There is even a term for it, selfie. On your travels you may see things that you want to show people and include yourself to as a way to say “I was here.” A selfie is the perfect way to do that. As you check off the destinations of your travel bucket list. Here are some selfies you might want to take a try at re-creating.

Selfie With the Pope  The current Pope is Pope Francis and he is by far the coolest one. He is the 266th Pope and probably the most liberal one. He has made headlines with his welcoming comments to the gay community. He is even down to take a selfie with the public. I’m sure he is the first Pope to take a selfie. These kids were very lucky to get this close his Holiness. You can try to get a selfie with Pope Francis too, it may take a few trips to the Vatican to do so. Just keep the faith.

Indonesia’s Pura Ulun Danu Beratan temple The Pura Ulun Danu Beratan temple is a popular and major Shivaite and water temple. It is located in mountains near Bedugul on the shores of Lake Bratan. The temple is a holy place where people worship the the Balinese water, lake and river goddess Dewi Danu. It is also serves as a great background for a selfie. The temple is surrounded by water and has a sleek, and eye catching design, great to show off on Instagram.

Elephant selfie in Thailand Thailand is a popular destination for people to go to. It is full of  things to do. One of the most popular and picture worthy things to do in Thailand is riding an elephant. Elephants are a sacred animal in Thailand and are used for many things. Tourist can play and pet with elephants, and take selfies with them. If you get lucky like this guy, an elephant will take it for you.


Underwater Selfie with a turtle in Australia Visiting Australia is on many people’s bucket list. There are a lot of things to do and plenty of things to see. You can easily fill you phone with cameras of the breath taking landscape. One of the favorite past times in Australia is heading to the Gold Coast and enjoying the ocean. Surfing, tanning and snorkeling are just some of the activities you can do and take a selfie. While snorkeling you may get photobombed by a turtle.

The Small Dolomites in the Alps The Dolomite mountain range is not talked about much and it is a shame. They are beautiful. The Dolomites are located in northeastern Italy. The Dolomites used to ski, climb, hike and even bike riding. With all these activities to choose from, the Dolomite mountains is a great place to take a selfie with a mountain peak peaking over your shoulder.

Mountaintop travel selfie in Indonesia Indonesia is home to some of the best mountains on the planet. They’re are very picturesque mountain ranges and peaks for you to choose from. Some are perfect for hiking, others have acid lakes that are deceptively beautiful. Either way you, can take a selfie with friends and have a distinct background to rack up the likes on your Instagram.

50 feet in the air above Lake Powell, Utah Here is a selfie that will be fun to re-create. This woman took her selfie to new heights, literally. While at Lake Powell, Utah, she took a selfie while suspended 50 feet in the year. She achieved this feat by being launched off a lake blop and snapping the pick in the air. The question I have is, what kind or camera did she use that didn’t get damaged in the water?

Rice paddy selfie in Bali When people think of agricultural the thought of hard manual labor usually comes to mind, not taking a selfie. In Bali the rice paddy fields are vast and planted is rows that look pretty cool from a distance. They’re are perfect for a selfie background. Considering that the rice patty fields in the U.S. don’t look this nice, everyone will know that you are out of the country.

Selfie with the Big Apple in Ontario, Canada New York is known as the Big Apple, but Ontario, Canada has an actual place named the Big Apple. It is a road side attraction. The building shaped like a big red apple and houses a restaurant and a bakery. The site also has a petting zoo and claims to be the world’s biggest Apple. Many tourist who travel through Ontario stop to take pictures outside it.

The temples of Angkor in Siem Reap, Cambodia The famous temple complex in Cambodia is known as Angkor Wat. Thousands of people visit it each year. The ruins of the temple have been around for centuries now and a certain mystique about them. That is why many tourist love to take pictures of it. You can take a selfie with one of the giant faces carved into the walls.

Selfie Taken in the Roman Colosseum The Colosseum in Rome is a one of the top bucket list destinations for a lot of people. It is huge which allows for many pictures to be taken, capturing different parts of the structure. Some areas of the Colosseum are off limits to the public, but you can book a tour to see majority of this historic landmark. You can take a selfie like this woman who was on the upper level and was able to get the vastness of the building as her background.

Selfie With a Smiling Camel When visiting other countries seeing and and snapping pictures of animals is not out of the norm. Sometimes it’s even suggested. It’s special if the animal is a sport and participates with you, like this camel in Dubai. These guys most have the best vacation because even the camel had to get in on the fun and cracked a smile. This one may be a little difficult to recreate, but I’m sure you can get it done.

Space Selfie Unless you are an astronaut or you are really good with a green screen, it is impossible to recreated this selfie. Japanese astronaut Aki Hoshide took this 2012 epic space selfie with a beautiful view of Earth and the International Space Station reflecting off his helmet. That bright ball of light appears to be the sun in the distance. This selfie is literally out of this world.

Snowboarding in Whiteface Mountain, New York Whiteface Mountain is a popular ski destination in New York. When you think of New York, bight lights, traffic and selfies in front skyscrappers come to mind. Upstate New York is a different world. Whiteface Mountain is one of the high peaks of the Adirondack Mountains and on a clear day you have a 360 veiw giving you glimpses of Vermont and even Canada. Skiing and snowboarding are popular past times up there and if you hold your camera at the right angle you can take a selfie with the entire mountain range behind you.

Bali’s Tirta Empul Temple The Tirta Empul temple in Bali is another cool selfie spot. The temple is famous for its structure and its holy spring water. There is a spring that give out fresh water regularly. Worshipers come here for purification rituals. Tourist come to take selfies and seems to be alright as long as you don’t get in anyone’s way.


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