15 Unique Spring Break Destinations

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Spring break season is in full swing. After months of studying, cramming, going to class, casually cheating and praying for at least a C on the mid term, college students only want to take off most of their clothes run to the nearest beach and guzzle gallons of alcoholic beverages. There are many locations where college students can do just that. Two of the most popular spring break destinations being Panama City and Miami, you can expect a mojority of spring breakers to be there. There are some other places that don’t get as much atteention but are worthy of a spring break themed movie or at least a blog post. Here is a list of some unique spring break destinations.

South Padre Island, TX The locals call this island SPI. It offers spring breakers wide beaches, a sparkling sea and bars that emphasize character rather than class. You can fish, watch dolphins, kiteboard or snorkel. The Coca-Cola Beach party used to be the highlight event, but it is no more. Visit the famous local bar Louie’s Backyard for drinks and dancing. Tiesto, Steve Aoki, David Guetta and Snoop Dogg are among the performers due to drop by SPI in 2015, so don’t miss out.

Daytona Beach, FL Yes, it is another destination in the Sunshine State. It usually doesn’t get as many visitors as Miami or Panama City but Daytona is a great Spring Break Destination. In March, the weather in Daytona will likely stay around 80 degrees while you party. There are several cheap motels and hotels, which means you can save your money for the important things – like a spontaneous daytrip to Universal Studios or Disney World, both of which are less than two hours away. Another amenity in Daytona is its free red party bus that runs on a loop by the beach. No need to worry about drinking and driving.

Cancun, MX If you can afford to get out of the country, I recommend going to Cancun, Mexico where the legal drinking age is 18. You college freshman who are experiencing your first Spring Break can do it without using a fake ID. Cancun is also a good bet for students looking to party. Several hotels offer all-inclusive packages that include drinks and shuttles to nightlife. You can watch bullfights, go horseback riding or take a jungle tour through the mangroves.

Las Vegas, NV The signature feature of a spring break destination is a beach. No beach, no problem. If you head to Las Vegas, get ready to lounge in style by big and lavish hotel pools that will make you forget about the sand. The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, the Palms Casino Resort or the Hooters Casino Hotel are all great places for college students to stay and party. All of these hangouts have sweet nightclubs and bars, so when you’re tired of tanning you can cool off inside.

New Orleans, LA New Orleans is a college city with Tulane University, Southern University, Loyola University and plenty of other school located in the city. That only means that  college students run a muck in the Big Easy. Most traditional schools go on Spring Break after Mardi Gras, but the bead throwing goes on all year around. Bourbon Street is like a non-stop party.

Scottsdale, AZ I’m not sure if Arizona is on any one’s spring break destination list, but it should be. The New York Times described downtown Scottsdale as “a desert version of Miami’s South Beach. ” With a description like that, why not give is a visit? They have a vibrant night life and in April the host the Scottsdale Culinary Festival.

Virginia Beach, VA Virgina Beach is not the most popular spring break destination, but it has a beach. The city is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as having the longest pleasure beach in the world. Virgina Beach also has one of the beat board walks in the country. There are multiple nightclubs and bars like The Cave and Peabody’s Nightclub, where they have a variety of music and people.

Tampa , FL Another Florida city that is quite overlooked as a spring break destination in Tampa. Every year there is a long list of events and clubs that turn it up a notch for the spring break season. Club Prana is one of those spots. During spring break, all the guys have to do is show their college ID and they get in free. Ladies who wear their bikinis get in free.

Key West, FL Many people think that Key West is a destination for senior citizen who have enough in their retirement fund to go on lavish vacations. Key West can offer you and your friends a great time. Key West is America’s only Caribbean island with warm temperatures all year. As long as you’re prepared to get along with the natives, Key West is a great place to enjoy spring break. It’s possible to get pretty wild in Key West without anyone raising an eyebrow, but it’s also important to fit into the island’s vibe rather than stick out.

Lake Havasu, AZ Arizona makes it on this list twice. This time Lake Havasu is the spring break destination that you want to look into. It’s different than being on a beach, being on a lake is like have a beach surrounded by a city. Lake Havasu City is where you can party non-stop at sandbar, shindigs and lakeside beach blowouts on one of the best boating lakes in the Southwest.

Myrtle Beach, SC Myrtle Beach has been a longtime summer vacation destination for groups of friends and families. Bike Week is a popular time and event that is held a Myrtle Beach yearly but there is more to do during the spring break season. Whether you’re here to get “turnt up”, run wild and get completely crazy with your friends or just want to take it easy, relax on the beach and get your tan on, Grand Strand is a great place to find fun this time of year.

Santa Monica Beach, CA California is a premium spring break destination. the entire left side of California faces the Pacific Ocean which means it has beaches galore. One of the best beaches to go to is Santa Monica Beach. The beach is three miles long and turns into a giant rave during the spring break season. It has a board walk full of amusement park rides.

Gulf Shores Beach, AL No one thinks of going to Alabama for spring break unless they are in Alabama, and even then Alabama is the last place on the list. This football loving and barbecue eating state is home to Gulf Shores Beach. It’s a 2.5 mile stretch of beach that serves as a camp ground for spring breakers. Some of the activities here include a zipline course, kayaking and paddle boarding. This is also the site for Hangout Fest which takes place in May.

Venice Beach, CA Venice Beach is probably the most famous beach in California. All year it is full of life. It is a perfect location for spring beakers. Colorful murals by local artist create great backgrounds for Instagram pictures. Hot girls in bikinis rollerblading down the concrete boardwalk. An endless flow of drinks from the bars and restaurants that line the beach. These are the things that make Venice Beach a great spring break destination.

Mission Beach, CA

Mission Beach, CA

Mission Beach, CA In San Diego, California there is Mission Beach. It’s not as popular as Venice Beach, but it gets its fair share of spring breakers. The boardwalk houses a giant wooden roller coaster that has been in operation since 1952. Mission Beach has a known surfing scene so if you’re ready to hit the waves instead of the books, Mission Beach is where you want to be. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed on the beach, but there are plenty of clubs and bars where you can enjoy a drink.


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