15 Ways to Travel For Cheap

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Everyone gets bitten by the travel bug and traveling is encouraged. Some people seem to be able to just get up and go, for others it takes a little more time and preparation. Some people don’t travel at all. The main reason for people not traveling in the lack of money. Though that is a very viable reason not to travel, there are ways to travel for less and sometimes free. You have to be open to try new things and traveling will no longer be an obstacle. Money is not always needed to get what you want. Bartering is still a way to gain things. Here is a list of ways to travel for cheap.

House-Swap or Rent Out Your Home The movie The Holiday, made this option possible. Of course, this requires you to have a house. There are various websites like,, or that provide online classifieds for owners to advertise their house. The length of time for exchanges depends on the needs of the two parties swapping houses. Another alternative for those travellers lucky enough to be property owners is to rent out your home. This also depends on how long you plan on being away. Screen candidates very carefully and thoroughly. This is your home after all.

House-sit House sitting is a way for you to get away and not have to worry about where you are going to stay. This is an option for those who are sleeping in a college dorm, or on your friends’ sofas. People who often travel are often looking for someone to house sit. This provides you a chance to travel on there expense, almost. If you are looking to house-sit, there are online boards where you can advertise your services. Who knew?

Volunteer If you don’t have money I’m sure you have time. That opens up volunteering as an option. Consider volunteering on a development project. You can devot your time to help a worthy cause overseas. Some volunteer organizations help you out with room and board, and flights. Most organizations that do this require a significant commitment of time, up to one or two years. It always helps to have specialized skills and experience too. Schools, non-profits, and community organizations are all great sources to focus on.

Carpool  One of the most frustrating and expensive things about traveling is transportation. Figuring out how you are going to get to your destination can kill you finances and ultimatley your trip. Too save money, you can get on board with someone going in the same direction. If you have a car, you can look for people to join you, offsetting fuel costs. Plan ahead and make sure the people who agree to go don’t pull out at the last minute. Hitchhiking is an option depending on how desperate you are.

Join a Crew on a Boat If you plan on going somewhere a car can’t or you’re afraid of flying the next option is traveling by sea. You can offer to work on a yacht or cruise ship crew. You don’t need to know your port from your starboard in order to help crew, even though knowledge of seamanship might make you a shoo-in. Other skills like culinary, mechanical or navigational abilities could score you a paid position on board and the transportation you are looking for to where ever you want to go.

Transport Other People’s Vehicles When people move from one place to another, they often have their car sent and that’s where you come in. You can inquiring directly with car rental or relocation companies. Often times they need drivers to move vehicles from one city to another in a limited number of days. Checking for ads or advertising your own services in city, community, or university newspaper classified sections could also bring you in contact with a car owner in need of a driver. Most companies require you to be at least 21 years old and have a clean driving record.

WWOOF WWOOF stands for World-Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms. It is an international network of organic farmers who from time to time offer opportunities for volunteers to join them. You can contact the WWOOF office in the country you wish to visit. It’s a good deal, room and board is often free and if you’re lucky so is the food.

Get a Travel Scholarship If you are in school and would really like to travel, internationalization is a word should be familiar with. College campuses all over the world are receiving more and more funding for their study abroad programs. Just click out of the fashion blog that you frequent and Google search travel scholarships. I’m sure there are many scholarships specific to you major and destination.

Trade Labor at a Hostel Cheaper way to travel is to rent a room at a hostel rather than a hotel. If staying at a hostel is still a little steep financially don’t fret. Once you have arrived at your destination, talk to a hostel manager and negotiate a deal to exchange some work for your room. If they’re short of staff, they’ll be more than happy to let you barter your labor for a free place to stay. You can even apply for a position before getting their. Some hostels may require you to have a working visa before working, others may let you slide being that it is a short period of time.

Pick up Some Casual Work If you’re looking to stay a little longer than a week or two, then consider picking up some short-term work overseas. The most common option is becoming an au pair, a domestic assistant. You’ll be helping your host family with daily activities, like child care, in exchange for a place to stay. You can find a part time job outdoors like fruit picking or trail maintenance. Visit to see a list of jobs that you can do.

Organize a Group Tour Most travel companies will offer a discount or free travel to people who organize a group tour for several people. You will be the group leaders. This does not mean that you are responsible for guiding your group of friends around like a tour guide. It simply means that you organize who will be going, where they will be going, and when. If you have a bunch friends suggest a big trip to anywhere.

Take on a Challenge If you are an adventurous person who would welcome any challenge. This option is best for you. One of the newest trends in travel is companies jumping at the chance to sponsor your trip anywhere and help you complete a physical challenge like climbing Mt. Everest or flying of the top of the Burj Kalifa in Dubai. The only catch is your challenge must be done for the benefit of a charity. That’s not a bad deal, you complete a challenge, help a charity and do it all for free.

Enter Contests The saying goes, “you have to be in it to win it. ” Entering a contest is not a for sure way to get where you want to go, but it’s still an option. There are hundreds of contest offering a get away prize. This best thing is that most contest cost you nothing. At the most, you will have to write an essay, send in a picture, or answer a few trivia questions for a chance to win. It doesn’t hurt to try, may come away a winner.

Teach English Overseas  One of the best ways to travel the world and make money is to teach English overseas. All you need is the ability to speak English fluently and maybe a TEFL degree, depending on the country you work in. The world is yearning for teachers and this is a job in high demand. Many companies abroad will even pay for your flight over. Contracts can be as short as 6 months and you’ll get to spend time living in and experiencing another culture.

Plan Well in Advanced There is nothing worst than planning a trip with limited time. If you are short on money than patience is your best ally. Don’t be in such a rush to get up a go. Take the time to plan out your trip. Once you figure out where you want to go, create a budget and stick too it. Always look out for deals that will help lower the cost of the trip. By the time it’s time to take off, you’ll see you have more money to enjoy your self instead of blowing it all just to get to your destination.


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