17 Picture That Prove Australia Is The Craziest

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Australia is a beautiful place to go and has many attractions and things to experience. Although, a lot of those things may not be good for you. It seems that everything deadly and dangerous lives in Australia. From the animals to the weather, you never know what you are going to get there. Things are just different. The food chain seems to be out of order and there are so many things there that can kill you, if not scare you to death. Here is proof that Australia is the craziest place in the world.

Giant Snakes  Snakes are not welcome in most parts of the world and people have ways of keeping them away. In Australia the snakes do what they want. No one can really stop them because they’re so big. Seeing a giant snake in Australia is a common occurrence. As a snake get bigger so does its food source. In this picture this snake found a nice wallaby to snack on.

Killer Spiders  Australia is home to all kinds of spiders. Most of them can cause some severe pain and some of them can even kill you. Some of the spiders are almost bigger than you. Spiders are all over Australia, you can’t escape them. The best thing you can do is to familiarize yourself with the types of spiders that are dangerous and avoid them at all cost.

Snakes In Your Toilet  Remember when I said snakes do whatever they want in Australia? They also can go where ever they want. Almost like spiders, you can find a snake any and every where in Australia. Snakes can be found in the pool, in your garden in the middle of the street or in your toilet. Snakes in Australia like to sneak into toilets so much that some establishments have signs in the bathroom warning people to flush before using the toilet.

Flying foxes The name may sound confusing, but a flying fox is not a fox with wings. It is a bat that is as big as a fox. Yes, even the bats are supersized in Australia. They like to live in tropical areas with a lot of warmth so Australia is a perfect place for them. Luckily for us humans they only stick to fruit and other plant life. The are just scary too see.

Great Whites In The Surf The most deadliest shark in the world is the great white. The great white is the type of shark that the movie Jaws used to scare people away from the beach. Australia is home to great white sharks. When going to the beach you must be careful. Sometimes great whites like to swim up to the more shallow waters to scare the hell out of the surfers and swimmers.

Crocodiles  Australia is birth place and final resting place of Steve Irwin the crocodile hunter is from. That also means that crocodiles are abundant in Australia. Some of the biggest crocodiles known to man run wild in Australia. Steve Irwin was a truly brave man for taking these things head on. There are two types of crocodiles in Australia, the salwater croc and the fresh water croc. Both are very vicious.

Cows Fall Off Cliffs Onto Cars  There are a thousand ways you can die Australia. It can happen at the most unsuspecting time in least suspected way. If you are driving in Australia and you see a sign like the one above , please proceed with caution. Cows jumping off cliffs must happen often enough for there to be a warning about it. Even the cows are a danger to people here.

Dust Storms  There are a lot of natural phenomenons that can cause some sever damage. Earthquakes, hurricanes and tornadoes are common occurrences in the world. Dust storms, however seems to be an Australian thing. A giant wave of dirt and sand can crash in into the cities of Australia at any moment. The last big dust storm in Australia happened in 2013. How do you prepare for that?

Killer Jelly Fish  As if there wasn’t enough things that can kill you in Australia, jelly fish can take you out as well. Not even the beach is completely safe. Box jelly fish are one of the most common jelly fish people in Australia come across. They’re not friendly either. Box jelly fish produce very potent venom and can be very painful and fatal to humans. The Irukandji jellyfish is even more dangerous and it is the size of a thumbnail. These little guys send 50 to 100 people to the hospital each year.

Paralysis Ticks  Even the smaller insects can do more harm than good. The paralysis tick, which is scientifically known as Ixodes holocyclus, is not something that you want to see around you. Fortunately, they’re not deadly to humans, but can be to your pets. They are usually found in areas with high levels of ran fall.

Giant Earth Worms  Earth worms aren’t dangerous at all. That hold s true in Australia but the size of the earth warms there may scare you. The giant gippsland earth worm is only native to Australia and their average size is 3 feet long. They usually stay underground and are flushed out by heavy rain. They are actually an endangered species and are a rare sight these days.

Venomous centipedes that kill snakes  Everything is just so mean in Australia. Even the centipedes are more dangerous and aggressive than usual. The scolopendra gigantea or the giant centipede is one of the largest centipedes in Australia and it eats mice and lizards. Other centipedes are venomous and are so aggressive that they can fight and kill snakes.

Cassowaries  Even the birds in Australia are crazy. I’m sure you have heard and maybe even seen an ostrich before, but have you met its evil cousin the cassowry. They’re smaller than the ostrich, but what they lack in height they make up with attitude. They primarily eat fruits, seeds and fungi, but also eat smaller animals like frogs, fish and mice. Cassowaries are very territorial and, will and have attack humans.

Blue Ring Octopus The blue ring octopus is the only octopus that is known to be fatal to humans. They live in tide pools and coral reefs, which are abundant off the Australian cost. They are recognized as one of the world’s most venomous marine animals. They are docile by nature but will attack if provoked. They have blue and black rings, and yellow skin, but when agitated the brown patch become dark. That’s a sign that you should back off.

Stonefish  The stonefish is another marine animal that packs a venomous punch. The stone fish is very dangerous and fatal to humans. Stonefish use camouflage to blend in to coral reefs and attack its prey when near. That is also a hazard for people who can not see the stonefish and step on it injecting themselves with venom. Stonefish can also wash up on the beach and live out of water for 24 hours, so watch your step.

Hail Storms  If you thought a dust storm was bad, then you’re going to hate when it hails. Australia has severe hail storms. The weather is just as deadly as the creatures. Big chunks of ice the size of tennis balls flying down from the sky is just ludicrous. An umbrella just won’t work, you’ll need a helmet or just don’t go outside at all.

Toxic Swimming Holes  After hearing all the animals that can kill you at the beach in Australia, I would understand not wanting to go to the beach. Some people may think that a lake, pond or swimming hole is a safe alternative, think again. Freshwater swimming holes are often toxic and riddled with parasites and disease. One of the most popular diseases is Amoebic Meningitis. It very lethal with a less than 3 percent survival rate.


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