A Group of Baboons Save Impala From Surprise Attack

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A group of tourists at Kruger National Park never suspected what they were to witness. After what it seems to be a calm and serene day, every changed when a cheetah came out and caused some chaos. He had his eyes on a small and helpless impala to be his next prey.

However, something incredible happened. When the cheetah came to give the finishing blow, an unexpected fight had a result that no one expected.


A Typical Morning

It was a regular morning in Kruger National Park. A group of tourists was visiting the park and its animals were waking up ready to start their day.

The safari leader took the vehicle slowly drove down the road until they arrived next to a river bed where many impala, birds and other animals were drinking. The tourists were preparing their cameras and phones to start filming them.


Watch Out!

Suddenly, a cheetah came running through the grass heading to the group of impalas that were drinking at the river. The cheetah was so fast that the impala had no idea what was actually happening until the cheetah was on top of him.



When the cheetah was close enough to the impala, he took a small leap and landed on the impala while he was holding the prey by the neck trying to bring it down. The group of visitors was impressive to see all these unexpected events happening in front of them.

But some of the tourists noticed a group of baboons that were going closer to the quarrel.


Holding Tight

The cheetah was not permitting his prey to flee. And he totally ignored the baboons that were coming closer. He was hungry and that impala was the prey to secure his day. It seemed that the impala was facing his final doom. As the minutes were passing, the impala was losing air and energy to fight on.


Unexpected Visitors

As the cheetah was pulling the impala away, he didn’t notice he was surrounded by the baboons that didn’t stop their noising screams. Something was wrong. Why they were surrounding the predator? Did they want the impala for eating it too? Were they planning to attack the cheetah? The visitors were confusing about what they were witnessing.


Running Scared

The cheetah just couldn’t start eating his prey. The baboons were coming for the predator. One the bigger baboons started approaching closer to the cheetah with confidence. The cheetah used most of his energy for hunting the impala but now he was notoriously exhausting to another fight.

Besides, the predator was outnumbered and if the group of baboon decided to attack him and it could be mean the end of the large predator. Although he was hungry, he decided to leave the impala on the grass and protect his life.


No Signs of Life

While the bigger baboon was confronting the cheetah and the group doing their deafening noise, the impala was lying on the ground with no signs of movement. The tourists were sure the impala was dead and it was only a matter of time before another predator will take it away to eat it.

But the cheetah won’t take the risk to come back and reclaim his prey. Nobody expected that this surprised attack could turn the cheetah as the victim.


A New Chance

Another baboon came to touch the impala to see if he was alive. The impala was very scared first because he remembered the recent fight with the cheetah. As the impala realized that what the baboon touched was just a leg to help him to get up.

The impala had several injuries on its neck and body. But now that the cheetah has finally gone, he started to gather some strength to be able to move and stand up on his four hooves.

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Getting Up Again

The impala finally managed to stand up. The baboons were watching but they did not approach the animal. After some painful steps, the impala managed to start walking again towards the trees to search his herd.

The visitors were very excited to witness a unique event as the impala kept going to the safety of the trees.


A Day to Remember

Once the injured impala disappeared from their view, the tourists exhaled and they couldn’t believe what they just watched.

Even though everything happened in just minutes, for them it seemed like an eternity. But many of them were still thinking about the lucky impala and asked: Was the impala to survive the day? Was it going to survive longer Was he safe on the trees? What was beyond those trees?

One thing is clear. The impala was very fortunate to survive thanks to the unexpected intervention of the baboons which help him to stay alive a bit longer.

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