Guy Proposes After Sending Girlfriend on Scavenger Hunt Around the World

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A Traveling Proposal. One thing most couples love to do together is travel. They create memories together that they can look back on. Some guys take their girls on a special trip to propose to them. What Brett Arnold did was a step up above the rest. When Brett realized that he loved his girlfriend, Amy Linville enough to spend the rest of his life with her he wanted to let her know in a unique and unforgettable way. The two love to travel and Brett took advantage of that fact in his proposal to her. Here is the story of how Brett Arnold and Amy Linville got engaged. Grab a box of tissues you may need it.

Graduation Day Brett Arnold and Amy Linville have been together as boyfriend and girlfriend for eight years. Brett felt that the relationship was ready to go to the next level. The day after his girlfriend graduated from the University of Colorado in Denver on Dec. 12, Brett Arnold surprised her with a scavenger hunt around their Colorado neighborhood.

Colorado Clue The final clue of that day was to hike to the top of a mountain in their neighborhood. The hike was not easy because of the snow storm and weather conditions. At the top of the mountain she found a bag with a note inside saying, “You leave tomorrow @ 7:00 AM. Go home and pack your shit.” Amy thought it was a joke at first and was skeptical.

Departure When Amy got back home she seen her travel backpack waiting for her and realized that this was not a joke and was very real. In the bag there was a one way plane ticket to Tokyo, Japan, a Rail Pass, and a map to a friend’s place where she would stay when she arrived. Brett told her that she would be going on a world scavenger hunt for her graduation gift.

Japan Naturally she worried about her life and her obligations, just to find out that Brett called her boss months ago to let him know what was going on. Amy arrived in Japan and to their friend Mike’s apartment where her next clue was on the refrigerator. The clue was a note telling her that her long time friend Kassie who lived in Okinawa would meet her in Tokyo in a few days. Amy couldn’t believe that this was happening and that Brett put this together.

Tokyo Adventures The clue also instructed her to use the 7 day rail pass to explore the city while she waited for her friend Kassie to bring the next clue. Brett specifically told her go to the Jigokundani snow monkey park. While in Tokyo, Amy did a Santa pub crawl, sang karaoke with some German girls there, ate lots of sushi, and felt her first earthquake.

Good Bye Japan  Amy hasn’t seen her friend Kassie in years. Kassie lived in Okinawa with her husband. Brett called Kassie and gave her the next clue for Amy so she could continue her scavenger hunt. The clue was a ticket to Barcelona, Spain. After her week long stay in Japan she was whisked away to Europe to the next part of her scavenger hunt.

Hello Barcelona Things hit a little snag when she reached Barcelona. She was instructed to go to Casa Bar Pepe to receive her next clue, but the bar was closed for the entire Christmas week. This made Brett upset considering he called and mailed the clue to the bar owner who said he would be open.

San Sebastian Since the bar owner of Casa Bar Pepe had failed to play his part in the proposal, Brett had to email that clue to Amy himself. This clue told her that the next clue on her scavenger hunt would arrive at 3pm on Christmas Day at Hotel Mercure Monte Igueldo in San Sebastian.

Hotel Mercure Monte Igueldo Amy described Hotel Mercure Monte Igueldo as the most beautiful hotel she had ever seen. She described that day as easy going, but a little depressing considering she was alone on Christmas Day. The clue arrived at the time it was suppose to, 3pm, with further instructions.

Peninsula Hike  The clue instructed her to hike up a peninsula across the bay from the hotel and find a specific overlook. Still a little depressed that she was alone on Christmas, Amy set out for her hike. She was FaceTiming and texting Brett the whole time. She figured talking to him and family back at home would help her to escape the lonely feeling she was dealing with.

Top of the Peninsula When she reached the top of the peninsula she noticed that there were multiple overlooks that looked like the one she was told to go to. It was raining, cold, and starting to get dark. Feeling a little discouraged, she thought about leaving and trying to find the clue again tomorrow.

Surprise on the Peninsula Before she gave up of finding the next clue, she ran into a Spanish man who knew the spot that she was looking for. The man led her to a cliff and pointed to the spot. At the same time Amy seen her boyfriend hiking to the same spot. She was surprised and happy that he was here with her.

The Proposal In shock she asked if he was the next clue. Brett then pulled out the ring out of his pocket and asked Amy to marry him. She quickly said yes. Brett brought a bottle of champagne but forgot the glasses, so they took turns drinking form the bottle, before hiking back down the peninsula hand in hand as a newly engaged couple.


Happily Ever After Brett revealed that he has been planning this proposal for years and started buying the plane tickets eight months before Amy’s graduation. Amy made a statement about her future husband and the international proposal. “Our love for travel runs deep, as you can tell from this engagement story. He is my biggest fan, my travel partner, my compass.” The couple have scheduled their wedding for October of this year in Fort Lauderdale.


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