He Started Digging In His Backyard And Made The Discovery Of A Lifetime

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Whoever said hunting for treasure was child’s play outright lied. This man probably believed the myth, though, which is why he didn’t immediately grab his shovel and bucket upon hearing that a prized possession was right in his backyard. He was like any other mature, intelligent adult who deems it silly to believe in the notion of something valuable being buried underneath the house. After all, nature has destroyed what archaeologists failed to uncover, right? Wrong! This man started digging in his backyard and made the ultimate discovery of a lifetime.

 It all began with a blueprint

He decided to review the general outline of his property when the man discovered a passageway to something incredible. At first, he probably dismissed the sight as nonsense. It wasn’t as if the man was the first owner of the house. After viewing the sketch a few more times, though, it became clear that there was something underground that deserved investigating.


 He grabbed his shovel and got to digging

The man relied on his elementary school years, where digging for treasure in the sand ended in discovering “Indian clay,” which was later debunked as cat waste mixed with loose granules. “This time may be different,” he thought.


 Houston, we have metal

The man may as well have struck gold. The hard feel of metal tapping against his shovel was all that he needed to realize that he was onto something more than sand soiled by cat urine.


 A secret passageway

That’s right! The man owned property with a secret hiding place buried beneath the house. The metal piece that he encountered was actually a door that led to a whole new underground world.


 What is the meaning of this?

Many will not understand why the man’s house had a secret passageway underground. Modern homes built in this century have nothing of the sort. Well, this man’s home was built during the 1960s, which was less than 30 years after the Second World War. The civil rights movement of the twentieth century was at an all-time high during this era and, quite frankly, fears of the worst happening in America were pretty widespread. Perhaps the builders of the home deemed it necessary to incorporate a hidden passageway underground just in case the problems of the South headed West to Arizona. The owners of the property during that time would have certainly have been prepared.


 Take off the lid

Though not in imminent danger of being attacked and wholly annihilated by domestic and foreign enemies, the man wanted to see what was inside the portal. He got a few people to help him lift the lid, and what they saw was absolutely marvelous.


 What was inside?

The man was met with a small roundabout staircase that invited him to take a trip underground. Of course, being the inquisitive soul that he is, the man obliged.


 He made it downstairs

The man didn’t take the stairs for fear of them collapsing. He wanted to get to the bottom, but he didn’t want to fall down the hole. The man instead got a few friends to harness him up and gently lower him down into the escape.


 What he found was astonishing

No, there were no cases of gold. There was, however, plenty of space to store such valuables. This man looked around and found that what he had in his backyard was a built-in safe. People are willing to pay thousands of dollars for such feature when searching for the right home, and here it was the man had the perk handed to him free of charge.


 He realized what he had

The man was a bit disappointed by the level of debris that had compounded over the years. He nevertheless saw the bigger picture, which was a shelter that could serve as a food bank, storage space for valuables, and more.


 So what did he do?

This man did what any sensible homeowner would do, which was have his friends to help him clean up the mess. It took a few hours to clear out the rubble and seal in a few holes to make the place airtight, but they succeeded.


 The result was nothing short of beautiful

If beauty comes from ashes, then this man is probably quite the artist. He and his friends cleaned and cleared until they had a plain path all around them. They discovered that the staircase was actually pretty safe since it was made of durable material that, even with rust, could hold one human’s weight at a time.


 They exited and upgraded

The man and his friends discovered that, due to the material used to construct the passage, much couldn’t be done in the way of renovating underneath. It was, however, possible to bring about a change up top, and that precisely what the man did.


 Preservation matters

The man and his friends wanted to ensure that the cave lasted a long time. They, therefore, moved to reinforce the entrance so that inclement weather did not threaten to bury it.


Remove the stairs

They probably could have lasted 100 more years, but the man decided to remove the rusty staircase. Roundabout connections are a bit dated.


 A secret no more

The man’s once-hidden passage is now a portal with an entrance identifiable from several feet away. The whole yard is different with the new entrance to the underworld having a distinct demarcation.


 The inside received further renovation as well

This space is so fresh and clean now that you almost want to pull up a cot and take a nap down there! Of course, the man isn’t trying to do that anytime soon. He’ll probably use the renovated space to store food and various emergency supplies.


 Imagine the possibilities

What would you do if you found another living area buried underneath your primary residence?


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