Reasons Why You Want To Be In Colorado In September

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Why would you want to be in Colorado in September? Everyone says “You have to go to Colorado for Christmas and New Years or for the beautiful summer.” Let me tell you that I’ve been living in Colorado for the last 10 consecutive winter seasons and I usually travel for the entire summer or at least the spring and falls. However, being here this September, I can assure you that there is a reason why locals say that September is their favorite month. Here is a list of reasons why:


vail fall

Reason number 1.  For obvious reasons, the beauty of the tress changing color into one of the most magnificent views of mountains with neon yellow Aspen trees mixed in with other earthy red, orange, and green foliage. Its a sight that is very difficult to capture in a photo. Its a indescribable feeling every time you look or walk outside. The true beauty of seasons changing.  Also its a sign that winter isn’t too far away so for the winter lovers there are two reason to be excited about September.

fall colors


Reason number 2.  The Weather! Holy cow, hot during the day and cool and night. It doesn’t get much better. With only a few rain showers in September, you are almost guaranteed to be able to squeeze in all the outdoor activities that you desire. Such as biking (road, or downhilling), camping, fishing, rafting, floating, boating, hiking, mushroom or berry hunting, skateboarding, sightseeing, outdoor yoga, as well as many other things. All these activities can be done without the stress of driving in the snow or getting stuck in Denver traffic on your way to and from the mountains.


Reason number 3.  In the seasonal resort towns there are crazy priced options to dine.  Most of the fantastic restaurants stay open for the locals or for the travelers who don’t get the opportunity to travel to Colorado in the peak seasons.  Many very expensive restaraunts offer a smaller discounted offseason menu in September. So what would normally be “Expensive or too expensive” is all of the sudden affordable. Having the offseason menus allows people to try amazing food that they normally would pass up due to price or not being able to get a reservation because of all the hordes of tourist.  Also you can really get to know the staff at your favorite restaurant because they actually have time to talk and you can hear each other because the volume of crowds is very low.  So I believe your overall dinning experience is much better because nobody is in a rush and everything is more relaxed in September.


Reason number 4.  If you are into large sporting events and are close by to Denver, you have the option to see the Colorado Rockies play  or Denver Broncos game.  Its the perfect time because usually this time of year the Rockies are in a race for the playoffs and the Broncos are just getting started.

vail crowd

Reason number 5.  There is way less hustle and bustle in the resort towns and less traffic to and from.  In the peak seasons there is tons of traffic, long waits, over booked restaurants, and over pricing.  In September, you will find the time to hear yourself think, breathe, and take in the relaxed vibrations  the mountain towns have to offer.  Also you can spend more quality time with the person or people you are traveling with because there are less distractions.


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