Top 15 Pool Parties From Around the World

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Summer is in full swing and everyone has been swarming to the beach to show off their beach bods. Others, who are not a big fan of getting sand everywhere have been going to the pool. Pool parties are where some of the best summer memories are made. All over the world people have pool parties. Some are small and intimate, others are big and can get a little chaotic. Whatever you prefer the best pool parties in the world are on this list. Take a look and see which one you can see yourself at.

Gansevoort Park Ave, New York Step into what is called Sunset Sundays at the Gansevoort Park Avenue. This location is a bit further away from the rest of New York’s party scene, but trust me when I tell you Gansevoort is sure to satisfy your quest for a raging pool party. With a revealing backdrop view of the Empire State Building and some of the best house music this city has to offer, you will see New York’s elite party crowd at its finest.

RX at The Perry Hotel, Miami Coincidentally, the Perry Hotel, formerly known as the Gansevoort Hotel in Miami prior to the property’s sale. It still has a reputation of throwing one of the best pool parties ever. Travel Network actually rates this luxurious pool deck party as the best in the nation. The pool is set on the building’s rooftop, which offers the party people an ocean and city view unlike any other. With the sounds of Alex Butler, everyone in attendance is sure to dance.

Drais at The W Hollywood, Los Angeles  The Drais at The W in Hollywood boasts a more impressive scene than the actual partying going on. Frequent celebrity visits giving this pool party a different vibe than other parties. You know you are set to have a good time. It is safe to say the average implant size is pumped to D at the Drias and everyone will have the latest swim wear fashion on.

Marquee Pool Party, Las Vegas If you thought Las Vegas was only a place to go to gamble your money, your wrong. Pool parties in Vegas are almost unrivaled. The only reason to go to Vegas is to party. Their partying advantage is like none other. The Marquee pool party is one of the most talked about parties on the strip. EDM superstar Aviici officially kicked off the Vegas pool party season back in April, so you know it’s nothing short of amazing. Major EDM artists are booked nearly every weekend, so this summer you are just as nearly guaranteed to have the time of your life. Remember, whatever happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

Paradise Beach, Mykonos, Greece Technically this is not a pool party but it occupies the same hours in the sun and rests on a beach front venue. Either way you don’t want to miss your chance to let your hair down at Paradise Beach in Mykonos, Greece. Your experiences here will be unlike any other experiences in the world. You will be with hundreds of others from around the world partying as if Greek never had any debt. A bottle of champagne will run you about $110, which is significantly cheaper than getting a bottle in the states.

Encore beach, Las Vegas XS is nothing short of amazing as it beats the previous Marquee’s pool party. This is the best pool party in Sin City. The crowd is a bit older but the big acts are booked just as well. There is something about this atmosphere that makes you want to grab all the women and drinks within a 10 foot radius. Located in Encore beach this party is one you will never forget.

Nikki Beach, St. Tropez, France It does not get any better than Nikki Beach in St. Tropez. With a different themed bash every weekend, the chances of you not having a good time are near zero. The crowd here are most of the world’s elite and they keep a very strict door. The price to party here can be extremely hefty. It is rumored that Malaysian Mogul Jho Low spent around 2 million euros in one sitting at Nikki Beach with Paris Hilton near his side engaging in a champagne war with Saudi Royals. This pool party is not for the faint of heart or pockets.

Ocean Club, Marbella, Spain The Ocean Club is home of the infamous “champagne party.” Located in Marbella, Spain, this party will have you scrubbing out golden suds until October. The amount of champagne sprayed at this party is absolutely ridiculous. People that attend this event do not order their drinks by the bottle, rather by the barrel. The women are nothing less than amazing.

Ushuaïa Pool Party, Ibiza, Spain Ibiza is known for its crazy parties. One of the best parties to attend is the Ushuaïa pool party. This expansive pool offers not only an insane elite atmosphere, but a full size stage for concerts while you guzzle down your Dom Perrier Rosé. The party at Ibiza never stops, and if you want a pool to cool you down under the hot summer sun, Ushuaia is the place to be.

Love Juice, Marbella, Spain Since 2010 Love Juice has brought some of the sickest times Marbella, Spain has ever seen. Looking across the Strait of Gibraltar into Africa, this Moorish hideaway brings opulence to the table better than any other party. Hot women, hot weather and an awesome atmosphere, you will destroy your bank account here if you are not careful. Champagne wars are a common occurrence here, and the weapon of choice is usually Ace of Spades.

Potato Head Beach Club, Bali This location has the same name as a children’s movie character but it is not a place for a child. One of the most happening venues in Bali is the world-class Potato Head Beach Club with its enormous poolside stage set against the ocean. It is at the top of a lot of pool party list for its fabulous lineup of performers and a world class experience of dancing, drinking and having fun. The infinity pool, the expansive lawn that crowds gather on, and an amphitheater like setting make this a one of a kind destination.

Shore Club, Miami Beach, Florida What would this list be if Miami wasn’t included. Some say that Sunday is the day you should rest. The Shore Club puts a different spin on relaxing. Sundays here are times for people to relax and lounge on the comfortable beds and lazy lounges, while sipping on drinks and listening to local DJ’s spinning their best tracks. This club also boasts the Reload Pool Party, an epic event that brings the hottest electronic music artists to the Miami Shore Club. Fabulous entertainment, performances and the hottest in the industry all make sure everyone has a wild time during the two day festival.

Heat Wave Summer Series at the W Hong Kong, Hong Kong One of the world’s highest rooftop pools is the place to go to show off your new swimsuit and take a dip in the water. Located at the W Hong Kong Hotel 76 floors up, this deck turns into one of the best party scenes during the Heat Wave Summer Series. The pool parties feature palm trees, hammocks and plenty of dancers. Admission is a little steep to these exclusive parties costing anywhere from $300 to $1,000.

The Standard, Los Angeles, California The Standard is home to an epic Hollywood poolside venue known for various poolside parties that draw celebrities and all the beautiful people society has to offer. The large heated pool, bar, cocktail service and ping pong tables set the scene for a great party. Events include cigar parties, water gun parties, Jell-O shots and live DJ’s. The Standard provides good ole fashioned pool party fun.

Piscine Molitor, Paris, France One of the hottest new places on this list is the newly renovated Piscine Molitor in Paris, France. A once iconic pool opened in 1929 was known for its parties, fashion shows and performances but was shut down in 1989 and became a refuge for graffiti artists, skateboarders and rave goers. Now that it is being restored to its prominence, the lineup of hot pool parties is already underway and at an admission of €180 ($201) per day just to take a dip.


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